Tuesday, February 19, 2013

hey, i know her

if you watched wheel of fortune last night you probably saw my college roommate.

she actually did really good, but missed the bonus question :(

but anyway, have you ever known someone who has been on tv?  it's pretty cool to say "hey i know her".  you kinda feel like a celebrity yourself.

did you watch survivor in the fall of 2011?  the winner, sophie clark... well i actually know her!

she is from my mom's hometown in upstate new york and my cousin's best friend.  i mean we aren't besties or anything, but i've met the girl once or twice, so i can still say "hey, i know her"
do any of you watch the show big brother?
well the winner of season 13 was rachel reilly... yeah i actually know her too.

she's was the crazy one that was also on an episode of my fair wedding recently.

let's just say we partied together a few times in college.  she was dating my boyfriend's best friend at the time, and to be honest i always had a hunch that she would be one of those crazy reality tv stars one day.

one of my favorite "hey, i know her" moments was when my bestie julia was on say yes to the dress, bridesmaids.

she had one line "um, we're not weating poofy" but damn did she rock that one line, and it was pretty dang cool to say "hey, i know her" :-)

have you ever had a "hey, i know her" moment?

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  1. Look at you knowing a bunch of TV people! Pretty cool.

  2. I have never had one of those, they sound fun though! I found your blog through the Month of Advertising on 9 blogs giveaway and I am so glad I did, I love it and I am now following you!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  3. OMG I saw her! haha....she did really, really well!

    I was shocked when she got one of the answers, because it was a really long phrase and there were only like 2 letters filled in!



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