Wednesday, February 27, 2013

so what!

linking up with miss shannon over at life after i dew for so what wednesday.

so what...

if i'm wearing the same jeans i wore yesterday (shhhh)
if i haven't packed for vegas yet, even though i'm leaving in 2 days!
if i treat my dogs as if they were my own kiddos
if i secretly love the new taylor swift song, even though i can't stand the girl.
if i haven't done laundry in so long, i've got piles of it in my bedroom floor.
if i decide to have a diet coke this afternoon (even though i swore i would never drink them again)
if sometimes i stalk certain celebrities on twitter (who doesn't do that?)
if i spend way over an hour getting ready in the mornings
if i choose to hit snooze 10 times instead of getting up right when my alarm goes off in the morning.
if i have to blare my music to wake me up on my way to work
if that music happens to be cheesy 90's music or even some pop2k (gotta love xm)
if i spend my monday nights watching horrible reality tv such as the bachelor or teen mom 2
if i secretly wish i had my own trashy reality tv show
if i'm obsessed with jessica simpson and have and still watch every season of the newlyweds

hey we all have our guilty pleasures right?
happy hump day loves!


  1. VEGAS!!!! I wanna come!! What are you traveling there for?

    I'm drinking a Coke Zero right now and I HATE Coke Zero. I don't drink pop either... Just felt like getting a caffene fix NOT from coffee (SO WHAT?? ;-))

  2. Ummm, it's bad to wear jeans two times in a row? Crap. I'm screwed.

    And Vegas?! SO jealous!!! Where are you staying??

  3. I wish I had my own Reality TV show that would be awesome! and yea I wanna go to Vegas!

  4. You and I sound so much alike!! xoxo

  5. Sounds like my life!! except for vegas :(( I miss newlyweds and i love her with you song!! true love right there! and i totally wear the same jeans two days in a row! PS if you have your reality show please hook me up with one!! have a great day gorgeous



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