Monday, February 25, 2013

sweet southern wife's best and worst of the oscars

yes the oscars were on last night.
the biggest night in hollywood!

argo won best picture, while jennifer lawrence took home best actress for her role in silver linings playbook, and daniel day-lewis took the best actor award for his role in lincoln!

it was a night full of glam, glitter, beautiful people... and not so glamorous looks.

let's take a look at some of my picks for best and the not so best looks of the big night.

my not so favorite looks

miss zoe saldana's dress was gorgeous, however, it would have been an a plus in my book if it didn't have the belt and the over-sized bow on the side.  everything else about the dress is gorgeous!

crazy lady helena bonham carter didn't shock me one bit.  i figured she would show up in something similar to a halloween costume.  she looks as if she is playing dress up, and again what is up with the bow?!?

halle berry is one of those that will surprise you.  she can look absolutely gorgeous sometimes, and other times, not so much.  this dress reminds me of something you would find in a futuristic kind of movie.  it's too boxy!  just not a good look for her in my opinion.

i absolutely love this girl! one of my fave actresses, but this dress was a no go for her!  i would much rather have seen her in something more fitting.  she has a kick ass body and i think she should show it off!

this was by far my least favorite of the night.  i love anne hathaway, but this look made her look 30 years older!  wouldn't you agree.  and it looks as if it's a tad nippy...

my favorite looks

sandra bullock always looks great! this dress was simple yet elegant and it just flattered her perfectly!  definitely one of my favorite looks of the night!

naomi watts did it right!  this dress was stunning on her.  i love that unique cutout on the left shoulder.  and her natural makeup and loose updo paired perfectly with this look.  you go girl!

not a huge jane fonda fan, but this dress looked awesome on her.  i love that she was bold and went for the bright yellow.  and her hair looked amazing! 

don't we all agree that kelly osborne looks awesome?  i love her purple hair, and this dress really flatters her body type.  i think she looked great last night!


i absolutely loved this look on amanda seyfried!  the cut of the dress looked great on her and her loose updo really went well with it!  a plus in my book!

and check out this adorable couple!


how cute are channing and jenna??  i love them!  and that dress looked stunning on her.  this was my fave of the night for sure.

and that concludes the sweet southern wife's best and worst of the oscars 2013.  i hope you all have a fabulous monday!

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  1. I never have watched the Oscars, but I do look forward to looking through to see who was considered to be "Best" and "Worst" dressed! I have to admit that I totally watched The Walking Dead instead!

  2. i never watch the oscars, or any of those shows for that matter... so i love when i see recaps on blog land! yay! i agree with all of your points (except i dont like kellys purple hair lol)



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