Wednesday, February 13, 2013

this week on the bachelor...

so because monday nights are teen mom/ bachelor nights, i have to choose which one i want to tivo and which one i'm actually going to watch.  so this week the bachelor got recorded, and i had to watch it last night.

oh what a crazy week for sean.
with only 6 girls left, his choices are starting to get a little slim.
this week he took the girls to st. croix for a little fun in the sun.

first of all if these girls aren't sick from jumping in a frozen lake and then flying down to the tropics, than i'm going to consider them pretty damn tough.

let's start with miss ashlee who got the first one on one date with sean this week.

yes the one who stood up on the chair, raised her arms in the air and shouted "i love sean" at the top of her lungs.

i like ashlee, but i can't help but wonder if she likes the drama just as much as tierra does.

which brings me to my next girl... tierra.

who here is glad she went home this week??

i have to admit that at first i liked her, but after the last two episodes... um not so much.
i'm glad sean gave her the boot after her drama with ashlee.

was it her uncontrollable eyebrow, or her collection of odd facial expressions.

the girl has some issues.

ok next we have lesley

does anyone else think she looks like a pug?

all i see when i look at her are those eyes!

and what was up with their date?? even i felt awkward during their fruit picking adventure.

so after their awkward date and awkward kiss, sean decides to send her home.

now it's down to the final four girls.

i can't wait to see the drama unfold next week on the hometown dates.
looks like it's gonna be a fun time when sean meets desiree's brother.

and that's all for my bachelor recap.  tune in next week for more craziness :-)

1 comment:

  1. "I can't control my eyebrow. . ."
    OMG. THE PUG! You're killing me right now! I loved her, but dang I see her in a whole new light now haha! Bless it!



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