Tuesday, February 5, 2013

tibt: my 16 year olf self

it's tuesday, which means it's time to take it back!

join me and my co-hosts ady and julia for another take it back tuesday.

all ya gotta do is grab our button, visit my co-hosts, meet new friends, and talk about the good ol' days.

ready, set, go!


we all love a good flashback right?  well this week i'm takin it back to around 2002 when i was 16, carefree, and thought i was in love...

so i dated this guy named matt, and oh man he was the shiznit.  oh and not to mention my first kiss.  i mean who forgets their first kiss?

well this guy broke my poor little heart.  tore it to pieces.  at 16 i thought i had found the love of my life.  i mean, come on it was serious, we went to the movies and everything... it was a storybook romance.  we even held hands at the ball games, we were official.  (ok i'm sure you get my point)

oh to be 16 again.
check out this note i wrote to him after he broke my heart.  feel free to laugh your asses off.

loving the horrible grammar in that letter.  see i told you it was serious...

dear 16 year old self... don't worry you'll get over this guy, it's not the end of the world.

ps please get rid of the sausage role bangs.

your 27 year old self.

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  1. omg, i think i have a letter or two like that... and to think at 16 we knew it all.

  2. BWAHAHAHA i LOVE LOVE LOVE posts like this. That letter.. is so funny and awesome. Isn't it such a shame - - do kids even write notes anymore or is it all texting!?!?

  3. Hahaha, this is so cute and so funny too! It's amazing how we ALL wrote a letter like that at some stage, and I'm sure we all received one from someone we didn't feelings for too!! So glad I linked up this week... x

  4. OMG I wish I still had letters like this laying around!! I remember at 16 thinking I was all that and a bag of chips! Haha! We all had those letters!!

  5. omg you are too cute! I loved this post~!!!!! MORE MORE MORE! :)

  6. PS. I found a love letter from 2nd grade.. that was to me! and said i love i love i love you over and over and over again and i about died... i wish I could find this kid on Facebook.... like a where are they now.. you know what... i may try that... wait no. super stalker... but I might post the love letter! hahahaha



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