Tuesday, March 5, 2013

round two: vegas 2001

what's big and bronze, has three heads, and attacks your face screams TOURIST! TOURIST!

the Siegfried and Roy Statue of course!!!

anybody who's anybody visits this gem on the strip when visiting Las Vegas. i mean, your trip wouldn't be complete if you didn't have a picture standing next to the infamous duo...especially now, being their show is no longer an attraction.

if you haven't figured out that this is LO again, you might want to just take a good look at this picture below:

talk about hot, look at that khaki knee length skirt i'm wearing.  what the hell was i thinking?! more importantly, i am SIXTEEN YEARS OLD HERE. WHY in sam's hell would i be wearing an outfit that one would wear to catholic school/an old lady in her 60's!? sometimes i really wonder how i got through life looking like this :)
isn't crazy how different 16 year olds are today?  did you see how tan my legs are?! awesome!
So. back to my 2nd trip to vegas:  I went with my best friend and her entire family.  I was more aware of how amazing vegas was at the ripe age of 16.  I got to see lord of the dance, the grand canyon, the huge M&M factory, the eiffel tower, and screamed my head off on what may be the USA's lamest rollercoaster (We stayed at New York, New York)! I EVEN held a baby cub!!! (i had gotten a giant size print of this too, i couldn't find it!) 

 Sadly, all I can remember from the trip is how extremely hot it was, and how my bestie colleen was sick as a dog on the sunday that they were going to church. It was the breakfast she ate. She was a moody biotch the rest of the vacation :) god I love that girl. Lucky for me I have pictures to prove what a super awesome time I had in vegas....

man i really loved those pooka shells.

hope you've enjoyed my two trips down memory lane, in honor of jennifer's trip to Las Vegas!! come by and say hello :)


  1. Love this Lo! Those pics are hilarious!

  2. Your pics are great! Don't you just love being tan :)

    New follower!

    The Parlor Girl



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