Tuesday, March 26, 2013

travel tuesday: honeymoon in the dominican

good morning loves!
linking up with our girl helene for another travel tuesday.

Helene in Between

since mother nature hates us here in the south and keeps throwing snow on us, i thought i would take a look back at my honeymoon in a tropical paradise.

we booked a room at a beautiful resort called zoerty in the dominican republic.

it was beyond amazing! we had a wonderful time and even met some great couples who we still keep in touch with!

the resort was very small but absolutely gorgeous!

yup it's real...

we ended up taking an excursion on a catamaran which was so much fun!  free all you can drink alcohol all day long, great music, and of course dancing!

most of the time we just stayed by the pool drinking amazing fruity beverages!

my favorite bartender.  he made the best drinks!

we spent our last day in paradise exploring the beaches and attending a beach party that night with amazing food and entertainment.

it truly was a trip to remember.  we loved the dominican republic, and hope to go back again someday.

i hope you enjoy your tuesday!


  1. This looks amazing!!! My boss just went there and loved it!! Paradise is always fabulous!! have a great day!!

  2. Your pics of the resort look amazing!! I've heard DR is awesome! Gotta get my butt there one of these days for some sunshine.

  3. i just LOVE DR.

    how far was your hotel from the airport?? i've gone twice and both times the resorts i stayed at were only 20 minutes away!

    wasn't the ride scary through town lol

  4. Oh wow. This looks amazing! I am going to research and see if this is a potential honeymoon spot for us! Did you love it?

  5. oh this is gorgeous and on this cold day it is really making me miss the beach right now!i would love to visit the domican republic!

  6. You just had to share that awful spider picture! :D

  7. Beautiful! How awesome that you made friends that you still keep in touch with :) Maybe you can all vacation together again some day!

    My Travel Tuesday Post

  8. What a beautiful post (well, except for the tarantula- he's creepy and scary)! You had a perfect honeymoon; thank you for sharing.



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