Wednesday, April 3, 2013

a day in the life of zoe

well hello there, my name is zoe.
i'm my mommy and daddy's adorable puppy.  ok well i'm not the only puppy, they own tucker too, but he get's on my nerves.  he always tries to chew on my ears! it drives me nutso.

he literally pulls and tugs on my ears so much that it makes my hair knot up which results in a haircut that looks like this...

every time i see that picture i cringe!  why would she do that to me?? earth to mom, i don't like polka dot dresses and big black bows in my hair!!!

but anyway that's a little off subject
back to my post...

 today you get a special treat.  you get to see what i do on a daily basis while mommy and daddy are at work.
mommy used to put me in my crate during the day, but now she let's me roam free.
i don't think daddy likes that very much, but mommy doesn't care.

mommy and daddy let me sleep with them at night (thank goodness i don't have to lay on the floor with the ear chewer)
and when daddy gets out of bed i steal his pillow.  why?  because i can!

 after i'm up and awake mommy let's me go outside for a little stroll.  mommy usually comes outside with me in her bathrobe and slippers, and i have to admit that i think it's funny to take off and watch her run after me with her bathrobe flopping in the wind.  oh it makes her so mad.

but don't worry, after i'm done laughing my tail off i come back.  she isn't too happy though... sorry mom!

as i patiently wait for mommy and daddy to leave so i can have the house to myself, i play with brother for a little bit, and just lay around planning out my day.  sometimes i catch up on a little tv.

and finally when mommy and daddy leave i hop up on the couch and veg out for most of the day.

sometimes i get bored and play with my squeaky toy

but by the end of the day i'm wore out and ready for bed.

so i hop up on the bed, and pass out catching up on my shows.

see isn't my life exciting?

well that's it for my exciting life as a dog.
ps: mommy wants to remind all of her readers that tomorrow is throwback thursday, so make sure you link up with her.

hopefully i can talk mommy into letting me post for her again soon. 
well i'm gonna go chase my tail and wait for mommy to come home on her lunch break.  she's in heels today, so it would probably be really mean of me to take off running down the hill, i don't think she will be able to chase after me...


  1. Oh my. How precious!! Such cute pictures!

  2. Oh my goodness! How adorable. I'm not a super big animal person, but everyone's puppy pictures are making me want to go out and scoop one right up! :)

  3. Hahahah I LOVE YOU ZOE!!! Auntie Julia misses you terribly! You forgot the part about humping Tucker though... that's his payback for biting your ears.

  4. Such a cutie! My dog is small and black, I miss him, is with my parents now.

  5. she seriously is so cute. i just love animals!! the first photo is adorable :)

  6. Oh my goodness, cutest dog ever.


  7. What a little fancy pants! Love it. I am a fellow dog spoiler (mine has slight size on Zoe. So cute!!



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