Monday, April 15, 2013

a southern girl's weekend shenanigans

ever been hit in the face in the middle of the night?
  at 3 am this morning i woke up to my husband whacking me in the face.  not even kidding.  he turned over in his sleep and his hand flung over and hit me square in the eye.

scared the crap outa me! thank God it didn't turn black and blue!

so anyway guess what?  this girl actually did something this past weekend, and i even took pictures!!  yup shocker.

the hubs and i ventured over to what we like to call "redneck vegas" also known as gatlinburg, tennessee.

if any of you have ever been to gatlinburg, you know why we call it "redneck vegas".
saturday consisted of moonshine tasting, whiskey tasting, and then back for more moonshine tasting.  we ended the day with an amazing dinner at the melting pot!

1. lil bit enjoying the beautiful spring weather friday afternoon.
2. off to dinner with the hubs.
3. barefeet on the dashboard, cruisin down the road (i should write a country song)
4. beautiful morth carolina mountains (i love where i live)
5. welcome to tennessee!
6. hubby and wifey love.

1. ole smoky moonshine!
2. yours truly in front of the moonshine holler.  yes they had free moonshine tasting.  
3. a lil bit about moonshine!

1. we stopped and got some jello shots
2. and then we stopped and got some whiskey shots
3. looking a little fuzzy eyed after all the free alcohol tasting

1. checking out my attire for the day.  i attempted to wear the heels out walking, but then i figured that would be a horrible idea once moonshine was involved
2. lookin all cute! ps you like my new necklace?  5 bucks at burkes y'all!

1. that night we had dinner at the melting pot, which is now my favorite restaurant... YUM!!
2. cheesecake, strawberries, brownies and marshmallows oh my!  and all dipped in chocolate i might add.  feel free to drool a little bit
3. we ended the night at a little bar called blaine's.  we met a bride to be and thought it would be nice to buy her a shot... and so we did!

tell us about your weekend!
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  1. I've never been hit in the face in the middle of the night, but my dog steps on my face in the middle of the night all the time! Good thing you didn't get a black eye lol. & I'm super jealous you got to eat at the Melting Pot, so yummy!!

  2. You look so cute!! Loooove TN! I have been itching to go back SOON! My husband has hit me in the middle of the night too, ha! I took his arm & slung it right back on him! Of course the little turd didn't have a clue as to what was going on, since he was passed out asleep!

  3. gatlinburg is totally redbeck vegas! i haven't been in years but it's such a fun place! i love your outfits, especially that green on you!

  4. FOod and drinks girl is my kinda weekend!!!

  5. Looks like a fun weekend - love all your outfits!

  6. Looks like an awesome weekend! We used to go to gaitlinburg all the time when we were in college...that free alcohol will sneak up on you!

  7. looks like a ton of fun! :) I have heard so many great things about the melting pot and have never tried it!

    looks like something I need to add on my must do list!

    new follower! :)

    -Heather Ann

  8. awww Gatlinburg is awesome!! My grandparents used to take my sister and me there all the time when we were kids. So, I don't have any memories of moonshine, but I'm sure if I went back I would make some :) It looks like you and the hubs had a great time!!

  9. omg MOONSHINE?! That ish CRAY. Looks like a fun weekend, cutiepants!!!


  10. I can't even count how many times my husband has rolled over and hit me in the head at night! He is a huge bed hog and is always invading my space! Haha! The necklace is so cute! The Melting Pot = yum!!

  11. OMG!! Someone had as awesome weekend!! Moonshine testing sounds crazy great!! and the desert dipped in chocolate has me drooling everywhere!! i hope you have a great week!!



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