Monday, April 1, 2013

an AMAZING weekend

usually on mondays i'm overwhelmed, sad because i'm back at work, and exhausted.  but today is different.  today i woke up and felt like a brand new person!  my weekend was absolutely amazing.

and you remember how i said i would be doing nothing this weekend?  well that didn't happen.  but i'm ok with that :-)

i had an amazing Easter with the family, and i'm happy to tell you that i decided to re-dedicate my life to Christ!  i didn't get up and go to the alter, and i don't have a certificate to show you, but i said the prayer, and i made the choice to change my life forever.

our church service yesterday was so powerful that i felt like our preacher was speaking to me directly.  i haven't been living the life of a Christian woman.  i am a Christian, and i have always believed the word, but was i living the way a Christian should live?  no, i wasn't.  so it's time for a change.  a change for the better!
by making this decision, i understand that i am going to face many challenges and temptations along my journey, but i'm prepared to face them.  and i ask that all of you keep me in your prayers.

so with that said, here is a little glimpse of my AMAZING Easter weekend.

hubby and wife and our adorable little niece addyson
mommy and zoe love
sister time
me and grandma doing the sorority hand on hip pose
 oh and check out my new iPhone homescreen! 

 can't wait to show you the tutorial on the blog tomorrow!

i hope you all have a fabulous monday :-)


  1. I love your Easter dress - gorgeous! And that homescreen ... so girly and cute. A tutorial sounds perfect right about now. Just found your blog thru Sami's link-up :)

  2. That's so awesome you decided to re-dedicate your life to Christ. Congrats. :) Sounds like a wonderful Easter weekend! Found you from the link-up.

  3. You are the cutest!! And I am SO HAPPY for you and your new life in Christ! Ahh that makes my heart so happy :) Best. Decision. Ever. Love you and praying for you, sweet girl!


  4. I am so, so happy and excited for you!:) Also, I just have to say that you are gorgeous! I love that pink dress!

  5. Happy Easter! Talk about exciting! Congrats for your re-dedication. That's such an awesome and important step to take. I can'y wait to see the tutorial tomorrow!

  6. Can we talk about how cute your Easter dress is?! Where did you get that? I love it! Congrats on your re-dedication. I too have not been living life as a Christian, sometimes we get off the path but it is good to have a powerful message or uplifting words bring us back, thanks for sharing.



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