Monday, April 8, 2013

healthy living week day 1 - interval training

i hope you all had a fabulous monday.
mine was CRAZY!

after a crazy monday, a night at the gym was definitely a must!

so i have a workout plan that i change every 2-3 weeks.  i mix it up between strength training and cardio training.

tonight i'm going to give you a quick 40 minute interval workout for the elliptical.

ok so the elliptical used to scare the crap out of me.  seriously it took  me forever to get on that thing, but now it's my favorite machine for cardio.

for those of you who aren't familiar with interval training, it's pretty simple.
it's basically a series of physical training that involves low to high intensity workouts.
the main goal with interval training is to increase speed and cardiovascular fitness.

feel free to use this 40 minute workout below

0-5 minutes ~ level 5
5-9 minutes ~ level 7
9-11 minutes ~ level 9
11-14 minutes ~ level 7
14-16 minutes ~ level 11
16-24 minutes ~ level 7
24-26 minutes ~ level 9
26-29 minutes ~ level 7
29-31 minutes ~ level 11
31-35 minutes ~ level 7
35-40 minutes ~ level 5 (cool down)

*it's very important to finish out with the cool down level.  your heart rate will be very high and will need to come back down*

so get your ipod ready girls, and hop on that elliptical and don't look back!  and if you get tired , just think of the results at the end.

live healthy my sweet friends!


  1. I love interval training!! it makes me feel like a beast!! Hope you had a great time at the gym

  2. sounds like one i might try tonight!! i don't know why i always get SO BORED on the elipticals!! i prefer the treadmill so much more... but i will try this out.

  3. Great workout! Stoping over from Peacoats and plaid for the Bloglovin' link up! I love interval training, it eliminates boredom during workouts!!



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