Friday, April 26, 2013

high five 4 friday

linking up with miss lauren for hf4f!

1. got started on our bedroom makeover this week.  got our fabric and paint picked out.  i can't wait to see the final result!
2. got to spend my lunch break yesterday outside in the beautiful weather.  well most of it was spent chasing after zoe who likes to run wild lol.
3. we threw my friend heather a bridal shower last weekend, and to say thank you she sent me this beautiful arrangement of flowers.  so thankful for sweet friends like her.
4. finally cleaned out my closet.  planning a yard sale for next weekend.  gotta make money so i can buy more clothes :-)
5. our receptionist at work knows how much i'm obsessed with watermelon jolly ranchers, and she saved them all for me.

i hope you all have a fantastic weekend! i'm headed down to the atl for girl's night tomorrow and i couldn't be more excited.

happy friday


  1. LOVE that fabric. good luck with the makeover. ps - what a nice receptionist ... i would have kept half of those for myself if i was her :)

  2. aww zoe bug! i wanna come playyyy!

    can't wait to see your bedroom when it's finished, sister!


  3. I love how you are selling your clothes to buy more clothes!! Time to upgrade!

  4. can't wait to see the bedroom reveal :)



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