Monday, April 29, 2013

i drink champagne out of a mason jar

... you can't get more southern than that y'all.

i'm a little tired this morning, i wonder why?
could be the fact that i slept on a deflated air mattress in a closet saturday night...

oh what a weekend.
where shall i start?

let's start with my first glass of champagne on friday night, out of a mason jar.  i'm classy like that.

we went out for our friend matt's birthday friday night.  we had a great time! took lot's of birthday shots, and ate way too much food.  and on saturday i went down to atlanta for a much needed girl's night out, where there were more shots, dancing, a ton of laughs, and many memories made.

i definitely line danced in the club... and clogged. definitely showed my southern roots.  and the last club we went to was only a mile from our hotel, so we had the brilliant idea to walk back... barefoot.  don't judge, our feet hurt.  dancing in heels will do that to ya.

so anyway, it was a great weekend, but this morning i'm paying for it.  i'm falling asleep at my desk.  
i hope you all have a fabulous monday, i'm off to get another cup of coffee, or two.


  1. So sad I miss you but it looks like you had an awesome time!!!

  2. I did a lot of drinking this weekend, too. Looks and sounds like you had a good time! :)

  3. I had a girlfriend in college who always ended up clogging at the bar. Such great memories :) Looks like a blast of a weekend!

  4. omg you clogged?! I don't even know what that means? haha I'm def not southern, I guess. ;) But really. I'm just picturing like little Dutch kids in clogs??? Help a girl out here. Oh, and champagne from a mason jar is pretty much my fave. You're adorbs.


  5. hahaha sounds great! Mason jars are the only way to go right?

  6. Nothing says class like a mason jar. haha growing up that is all we really drank out of and now have you noticed that they are drinking out of them everywhere else cause "they're country chic" haha looks like you had a fun weekend. love it.

  7. lol... i had 3 beers at the hockey game saturday and i could NOT get out of bed sunday!!!

    cheers to being 27 :)

  8. Heels are the worst! They're so pretty but they just kill your feet! Looks like you had lots of fun. :)



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