Friday, April 19, 2013

it's been a crappy week, let's laugh a little

hey party people.  it's finally friday, and i don't know about you but i am so glad it's here.  this week has been one hellava week for everybody.  first the boston bombings, then the texas explosion,  earthquakes, scary letters sent to washington, and now the massive man hunt going on in boston for the bombing suspect.  wow that's a mouth full.

prayers going out to our nation right now, all those affected by the earthquakes this week, texas, and boston!  very scary world these days.

so with all the negative stuff going, let's put a smile on your face, shall we?

random funny facts about yours truly

1. (thought this was appropriate considering all that's going on in this state) i cannot for the life of me say "massachusetts". i have to concentrate on it.  if i don't think before i say the word, it comes out as massa-two-shits... 

2. i can't touch anything metal after i get out of the shower.  i have no explanation for this other than the fact that it feels funny.  if i touch something metal after getting out of the shower i get chills, and my whole body tingles.  lol it's crazy i know.

3. my bestie julia and i once thought marco polo invented the swimming pool.  i mean why else would you play a game called marco polo in a swimming pool?

let's laugh some more...

oh you know just a normal day on the morning commute...

this is hilarious and disturbing all at the same time.


true story

now it's time for #backtahtazzup friday with whitney!

a little bone thugs for your friday!

have a great weekend, and please keep praying for all those affected by the horrible events this week.  

much love!


  1. I'm dying!!! Those pictures are hilarious!

  2. hahaha this is all too perfect!!
    marco polo HAD to have invented the swimming pool... i mean, if they didn't, then who did??
    please tell me LT is going to dress up when you have a baby for matching pictures like that guy!! that's too awesome.
    love you bestie!!

  3. I am scarred for life--but laughing! :)



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