Wednesday, April 24, 2013

my favorite skincare products

i have a secret.  one that may surprise you.
i have acne.  very bad acne.  so bad in fact, that sometimes i don't even wanna leave the house because i'm so self conscious about it.
throughout high school and college i never had acne.  i got the occasional zit every now and then, but it was nothing like what i have now.  in the summer of 2009 i decided to stop taking birth control.  for one, i never took it the way i was supposed to, and my body just didn't feel normal when i was on it, so i made the decision to stop taking it.  that's when my face went from being smooth and pretty to looking like it could be on a proactive commercial.  it was horrible.
i have spent so much wasted time and money on my acne between numerous dermatologist appointments, prescription cremes and pills to useless over the counter products that just don't work.  you name it, i've tried it.  proactive?  been there, done that.  murad, neutrogena, acnefree... yup tried them all.

last fall, my husband and i decided that something needed to be done about it.  it got so bad that i was crying almost daily about my face.  i wasn't happy.

so i decided to book a facial.
i went for my appointment and sat down and talked with the specialist about my issue.  the cause of my acne flare up?  discontinuing my birth control pills.  that started it, and between that and stress over the past couple of years, it just escalated.  i have what she called "adult acne", also know as hormonal acne.

after discussing my acne issue with her, she decided to put me on this stuff called dermalogica medibac clearing regimen.

so after my amazing facial she sent me home with a new regiman, and new makeup.

now i get a facial once every couple of months, and that has seemed to help tremendously.

below is my skincare regimen:

1. $35.00 i use the dermalogica medibac clearing skin wash in the morning and evening.  this stuff is beyond AMAZING!  it's not harsh on my skin, and it doesn't leave it dry and flaky like others have in the past.

2. $52.00 (for the larger bottle 2.6 oz) dermalogica daily microfoliant: i only use this in the evening.  after i wash my makeup off, i use this to exfoliate and then i follow with my clearing skin wash.

3. $48.00 dermalogica overnight clearing gel: i use this at night only.  i put a small amount all over my face and neck after i cleanse and exfoliate.  it's very light, and usually if i have large red pimples, this will help the redness and swelling.

4. $45.00 dermalogica clearing mattifier.  i use this in the morning after cleansing.  this stuff is awesome.  i put it on before my makeup and sunscreen.  this helps to minimize oil production throughout the day.

5. $5.00 clean n clear persa gel: best stuff i've found!!  i use this as a spot treatment.  i must warn you though, this stuff is just as strong as the prescription gels.  it is 10% benzoyl peroxide which can be very harsh on sensitive skin.  if you have moderate acne i would not recommend using this.  they do make some with only 2% benzoyl peroxide which would work better for those with less acne.

dermalogica: can be purchased online.  i purchase mine at a local spa in town.  it is pricier than most other products out there, but i'm telling you it's worth it.  especially if you have more severe acne issues.
clean n clear: you can find it at any local drug store or wal-mart.

once you have a good skincare regimen, the next step is to find the right makeup for you.

1. $20.00 mary kay timewise matte wear liquid foundation in beige 2.  i usually use the liquid foundation when i need more coverage.  when i have a breakout or redness, this does a great job of covering up stubborn areas, and it doesn't clog my pores.

2. $20.00 bare minerals correcting concealer in light 1.  out of all of the concealers i have used, this is by far the best.  it covers areas that other products just won't cover.

3. $6.00 covergirl true blend minerals loose powder in translucent light.  i use this when i need more coverage.  i put my liquid foundation on first, and use this over it.

4. $27.00 bare minerals spf 15 foundation in medium.  i use this on days that i don't have a breakout, or when i need less coverage.  and you don't have to use a ton of this stuff.  a little goes a long way.

5. $19.00 bare minerals all over face color in warmth.  not much to say about this except it's well worth the money :-)

6. $3.00 covergirl eye enhancers eye shadow shown in tapestry taupe.  i love a good neutral eye color for everyday wear.  this is the perfect tan/brown color and it goes with just about anything.

7. $4.00 maybelline great lash mascara.  yes i wear the plainest of plain mascara's.  but it's my all time favorite and it's the cheapest out there.

8. $3.00 maybelline baby lips in peppermint.  one of the best investments i've ever made.  i think this works better than burts bee's!

mary kay: can be purchased online or from your local mary kay consultant.
bare minerals: can also be purchased online or from a local sephora or ulta.
covergirl and maybelline: can be purchased from any local drug store or wal-mart

you may be thinking "wow jennifer, that's some expensive stuff" yes i know it's a little pricier than most other products, but for someone like me who struggles with acne, it's worth it!  you're gonna pay more for the best quality stuff, and it's so important to take care of your skin.

i hope that this helps those of you who struggle with acne like i do.  if you have any questions about any of the products listed above let me know :-)


  1. Ooh I love dermalogica! As an esthetician myself I definitely recommend it!

  2. i never tried baby lips!!!

    i swear by bare minerals products. LOVE.

  3. I feel like if I have found a product that works wonders for me, the price really isn't an issue. I feel like I've heard lots of good things about Dermalogica, but I've never tried it myself. I feel incredibly lucky that I have never suffered from really any form of acne...*knocks on wood*



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