Wednesday, April 17, 2013

oh just some random thoughts

so as i was driving home last night with my windows down, singing along madonna's like a virgin, i got to thinking about certain things that i just don't understand.  things that don't make sense to the ol' wifey here.  feel free to agree on some of these...

1. when you and your bestie wanna get your 1 month olds together for a play date.  this may be news to me, but 1 month olds can't do much right? let alone "play together".  why can't you just say "hey girl, let's get together so we can drink some wine and gossip and let our babies sit in their car seats and sleep"?  let's get real here, it's a play date for you, not your newborns.

2. what's the deal with the people in front of the tax preparer place dressed up like the statue of liberty?  sorry, but just because you're standing on the corner waving to people doesn't persuade me to walk into your office to give you money to prepare my taxes.  "awe look how cute that guy looks dressed as lady liberty, let's let them prepare our taxes" um no sorry.

3. *warning this one may offend somebody* sorry but if you can't afford to buy groceries, diapers for your baby, and formula, then you shouldn't be able to afford 1. a manicure 2. an iphone 3. coach purses and 4. cigerettes.  sorry not sorry!  truth hurts.

4. why do hitch hikers hitch rides?  isn't one of the main words in that phrase "hiker"? i thought that was their plan?  to hike.  i mean do you really think that someone is going to pick you up off the side of the road when you haven't had a haircut in months, or a bath!  sorry, but i know what the movie hitcher is about.

5. why are shows such as honey boo boo, toddlers and tiaras, 19 kids & counting, and sister wives on tlc (the LEARNING channel)?  oh yeah that's right, so they can teach us how to be an obnoxious overweight little girl who drinks an obscene amount of red bull, how to raise a spoiled rotten brat, how to have multiple wives, oh yeah and how to NOT use birth control so you can have 20 children.  doesn't make sense to me.

happy wednesday loves.


  1. this post is a reason why we would be best friends in real life if we lived near each other.

    couldnt agree more!! ESP #4 and #5

  2. I love this post! I agree with you wholeheartedly on all of the above!

  3. I don't like to see the people outside dressed up as the statue of liberty, ha! Makes me want to not have my taxes done there even more! SO with ya on #3! Who cares if it would offend anyone because it is the truth!

  4. I have totally thought the same thing about TLC...I mean really people?? I don't think I wanna have a child that grows up to be or acts like anyone on any of your shows.

  5. I love each and every one of these thoughts. Especially #3, because - I mean, seriously, people. Happy Wednesday!

  6. Ha! Playdates do sound way more fun then let's get together for wine. ;)

  7. This is great! I love this post and your humor! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today! I am a new follower as well :)

  8. ohmygosh, YES. Girl, you are on point. And those shows? Not teaching ANYTHING, thanks. The "Learning" Channel is a joke. haha I just love you, girl.


  9. LOL! Oh my goodness this all made me laugh with agreeance!! #2 was totally funny, and #3 I could not agree more! It bugs me that they get the assistance and buy all those expensive things!!




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