Tuesday, April 2, 2013

pimp your iphone ~ cocoppa tutorial

 while i was playing around on pinterest the other day, i came across this amazing app!
it's called cocoppa and it's pretty much the best thing ever... no really, it is.

check out my new home screen on my iphone

this girl is obsessed.
so as soon as i put the picture on facebook i got numerous messages asking me how to do it, so i thought i would share this tutorial with y'all today.

cocoppa is a free app (thank goodness) so all you have to do is go into your app store and install it.

when you have it downloaded click on the icon to open it up.  it will look something like this.

now, you have three different tabs to choose from.  icons, wallpapers, and stamps (which i have no clue what that's for)

you can choose wallpaper to browse through different backgrounds for your iphone.  they have a TON of cute ones and it's pretty easy to download them.  all you need to do is click "save to camera roll".  let me know if you need help with that and i will go over it with you.

 click on the icons tab and scroll to the bottom

here you can browse by categories, tags, or colors.  i found it's easier to search by categories (unless you know exactly what you are looking for, in which case you can use the search bar at the bottom)

once you find the icons you are looking for click on it and this screen will come up:

click on the "like" button and it will save it to your page.
(my recommendation would be to find all the icons you want and "like" each one of them before moving on to the next step)
once you have "liked" all of the icons you want to use, click on "mypage" in the bottom right hand corner of your screen.

 once you have your page open click on like
after clicking on "like" you will see all of the icons you picked

scroll until you find the one you want to "link" and click on the icon

click on "set up link"
once you do that it will bring you to this screen

when this screen comes up click on "app search" 

the most popular apps are already loaded as you can see in the screen above.  most of them you will have to type into the search bar.

once you find the app you want to link click on it and it will bring up the following screen

under icon name, type in what you want it to be called.  you choose to add gloss if you want (located in the upper right hand corner)

once you have the name of the app click "ok"

as you can see above, it will prompt you to go safari and add the icon to your home screen.  click yes!

once you click on yes it will open up a new window in safari.  click on the "share" icon (bottom center)

click "add to home screen"

type in the name you want and click "add" (upper right hand corner)

once you hit "add" you will notice that the icon is now showing up on your screen.  here you can press and hold the bottom button to move it wherever you like.

and now you have your very own customized iphone home screen!
isn't it cute?

it's actually really easy once you get the hang of it.  if you have any questions let me know :-)

happy tuesday!


  1. Thank you for this! I just downloaded the app!

  2. Be careful with this, it will make your phone slow after a bit and can really mess up your phone if you leave it that way! I've had friends that it cause their phone to crash. The more things you link, the more your phone has to think and the more chances there are that it will crash. Just a warning :) super cute though!

    1. Don't worry friend. I'll be careful :-)

    2. Love you and your blog is looking fab these days!

  3. I might try it for a few on my home screen. I just hate that it makes duplicates of everything. Boo!

  4. Yep! I got addicted to the app as well!! I LOVE IT!!

  5. OMG, this is genius and looks SO cute! I need to try this out asap. Thanks so much for showing how to do it. :)

    When you have time, check out my blog, I'm giving away a Naked 2 palette. I'd greatly appreciate it. :)


  6. I just downloaded this a few days ago but couldn't figure it out! Thanks so much! This is really helpful :)


  7. but now the the alerts are not showing up on the new apps???? They are only showing on the original ones??? Is this how this is? Also, how do you change the apps that already come pre-installed on the phone like safari, weather, phone, clock, calendar, messages????? I can't change those?

    1. Yes unfortunately that is how it is :( I found that it helped me to put all of the old icons in one folder on the second home screen. That way I can easily see what notifications I have. And no you cannot change the already pre-loaded apps.

  8. Can you note the URL's for the Standard Ipone apps - like Music / safari etc?

    1. Most of the standard iphone apps you will not be able to do a custom icon. For safari I just did a link to google and that worked. Hope this helps :-)

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