Monday, April 8, 2013

sweet southern wife's healthy living week - day 1

hello lovelies.
happy monday!!
i hope that you all had a fabulous weekend.  i know mine wasn't long enough... at all!

you're in for a treat this week!  my first ever healthy living week.
where i give you healthy eating tips and great workout tips.

first things first, i wanna give a shout out to miss gayle over at grace for gayle
if you hop on over to her blog you will see my face on her sidebar.  yup i'm now sponsoring other blogs!  it's something i have thought about for a while now, and i felt like her bloggy blog was the best place to start.  so hope over to her blog and say hi!

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go check it out and meet new blog friends.

so remember my new years post?  if not you can read it here.
well i made a list of everything that i was going to change in my life.  most of which was living a healthier lifestyle.
it's been 4 months (hard to believe) since that post and i'm happy to say that i'm down to 123 pounds from 132! i know 132 doesn't sound like a lot, but i wasn't happy with that.  i wasn't exercising regularly, and my eating habits were not good. 
so the fact that i've lost 9 pounds is a HUGE step for me!

for those of you who think that just going to the gym is going to help you lose weight, well sorry charlie, but you're wrong!  i learned that the hard way.  back in december i started going to the gym on a regular basis, but after a few weeks of that, i noticed that i wasn't getting anywhere at all!  that's because my diet stayed the same.  yeah i lost a pound or two, but i didn't notice any change.  i still felt the same and to me i still looked the same.  i wasn't happy.
so i talked to the head trainer at our gym.  and i quickly found out that the reason i wasn't noticing any changes was because of my diet.
so when january rolled around, he whipped me up a diet plan, and put me on a new exercise routine.  and in a matter of 2 weeks i started to notice a difference.  i felt better, i was sleeping better, and i looked better. 

so i wanted to share my diet plan with you this week, in hopes that it will help someone along the way.

today i will be sharing my breakfast smoothie recipe.  it's an easy and delicious way to start your day in a healthy way! 

strawberry breakfast smoothie

1 cup strawberries (i sweetened mine with truvia no calorie sweetener)
1/4 cup plain oats
1 scoop whey protein (i use vanilla)
1/2 cup non fat milk
1 cup crushed ice cubes

mix together in blender and enjoy!

this recipe is very easy and great for people on the go.  it gives you the right amount of protein and carbs for your first meal of the day.

about 300 calories (give or take depending on what else you add to it)
about 30 grams of protein and 25 grams of carbs (depending on how much of the oats you add)

tonight i will give you some great tips on working out, and i'll even share my workout plan with you.  and make sure you read the blog tomorrow morning for my mid morning meal recipe :-)

have a healthy day loves!



  1. I am so excited that you are doing this!! i AM ALWAYS looking for yummy healthy recipes or great workouts!! so thank you!!

  2. Thanks for posting this!! I can't wait for the rest of this series of posts :) I actually am ( overshare?) exactly where you started weight-wise right now and would loveee to end up with some results like those!! ..Off to whip up a smoothie

  3. Yummm I'm totes making that smoothie!


  4. today started my healthy jump start, too. I lost 91 lbs a few years ago and kept it off for 4 years and then a new medicine made me gain about 30 of it back. If only things like butter and cream cheese were my friend;) Good job and good luck!

  5. that actually sounds pretty tasty.

    do you legit make this every morning?! your husband must get so angry when he hears the blender first thing in the AM unless of course he is up already (mine wouldn't be!) haha

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