Friday, May 31, 2013

how to be a nascar fan

something you may not know about me... i'm a secret nascar fan.
i was raised by a stepdad who raced, and growing up it's all i knew.
watching the race was a sunday ritual at our house, and yearly trips to daytona in february were all too common.
nascar fans

they come in all different breeds.
the most common being the one above.
today i'm going to tell you how to be a loyal nascar fan.

rule number 1:
always make sure you have a cooler full of budweiser.  not bud light, not coors... budwieser.
if you have liquor you may end up like this dude:

rule number 2:
if you are a male, and you have a beer gut the size of my prego friends baby bump, then you are not allowed to wear a shirt.  no exceptions.

 (and having your favorite driver's number shaved in your back hair is a plus)

rule number 3:
you must have a mullet of some sort.  even if you are a woman.

rule number 4:
the more teeth missing the better...

rule number 5:
a tatoo of a six pack on your beer gut is a must!
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happy friday party peeps!

Venus Trapped in Mars

Thursday, May 30, 2013

throwback thursday~ my 5 year old obsession

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so remember the days of boy bands?
i mean these guys blew the the beibs outta the water.

now i know we all loved us some backstreet boys and n-sync.  and let's not forget 98 degrees!
but this one particular boy band was my absolute favorite!

oh new kids on the block.  my loves, my obsession!  i was 5...
girls i had everything new kids.
the blankets, the dolls, the cartoons, the jewelry.  it was bad...

i was this girl

ok so not THAT bad. but still pretty obsessed.
now if i can only make my dream come true and meet them one day.

what were you obsessed with when you were younger?
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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

pin a little here, pin a little there

hey loves!

it's hump day! whoop whoop!
i hope you all had a wonderful memorial day weekend.  mine was boring, that's why you didn't get a big long "my weekend was AMAZING" post yesterday.

linking up with michelle today for ohp.

lemon vanilla sugar scrub via
yummy! via
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Friday, May 24, 2013

my secret beauty products

i have acne.
and it's not pretty.  in fact, there are many days that i don't even want to look in the mirror.
i've tried everything there is to try, and nothing has seemed to work...
until now!

let me introduce you to my new favorite beauty products

#1: baking soda
this stuff is a-m-a-z-i-n-g!
baking soda can be used for so many things.  not only can you use it for baking and cleaning, but also for skin care.
i use it once a day (in the evening)
i pour about 1/2 a teaspoon in my palm and wet it until it becomes a paste.  i make sure my face is wet, and i gently scrub in circular motions all over my face, paying extra attention to my trouble areas.  i leave this on for about 2 minutes.  it stings a little, but that's how you know it's working.
how much did i pay for this awesome skin care product? 

#2: coconut oil

best stuff ever!
like baking soda, you can use coconut oil for just about anything. 
i use this once a day (in the evening after washing and exfoliating)
i rinse my face in cold water to close my pores, and pat it dry with a clean towel.
i then take about 1/2 a teaspoon of coconut oil and rub it between my finger tips to soften it.
i apply it all over (like a moisturizer) 
and there is no need to wipe off the excess oil.  your face will soak up what remains.
i keep it on overnight and rinse it off in the morning.
price paid:

my face is finally starting to look even, and the acne scars are fading!
i still get the occasional pimple, but nothing too horrible.
i was at the point where i was willing to try just about anything, so i did my research, found out about these two beauties, and i have never been happier :)

Thursday, May 23, 2013

throwback thursday


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something that you may not know about me...
i was a ty beanie baby freak when i was younger, and i still have 2 full boxes of my collection sitting in my garage.

my sister and i had them all! and dude we were obsessed.
we were even beanie babies for halloween one year.
and then we thought we would be cool and pose with them, hoping that maybe one day the makers of ty would see it and put us on a commercial or something...

did you have an obsession when you were little?  tell us about it!
link up below :)

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

what i'm loving.

neon nails:


blake shelton:
excuse me while i wipe up the drool off my desk...
i just feel really fancy drinking it...
bubble necklaces:

maxi skirts:

pastel skinnies:

bright colored blazers:

kacey musgraves:
if you haven't heard her songs, you're missing out! go look her up :)
happy hump day!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

a prayer

before i went to bed last night i said a prayer.
a prayer for all those affected by the horrible tornadoes in oklahoma yesterday, a prayer for our country, a prayer for my friends and family, and lastly a prayer thanking God for his many blessings.
when bad things happen in this world, we go to God.  i do it, you do it, we all do it.

we tend to cry out to him when things aren't going our way.  but what about thanking him daily for the things we don't deserve?

i'm deeply saddened by the devastation in oklahoma yesterday.  so many families are hurting!  they've lost their homes and important memories, and many of them have lost loved ones.

i cannot begin to imagine the heartache they are feeling.

today i want to ask you a favor.
when you say a prayer...
instead of going to God for something you want, tell him thank you.  thank him for his blessings.  thank him for your loved ones.  and thank him for his forgiveness and love.

and then i want you to say a prayer for all those who are hurting.

pray for oklahoma.
pray for boston.
pray for west texas.
pray for sandy hook.
pray for aurora colorado.
pray for the hurricane sandy victims.
pray for your town.
pray for your loved ones.
and pray for our country.

and remember... 

Monday, May 20, 2013

my not so fun weekend shenanigans

what a weekend!
seriously, what a weekend!!

let me just start with the good part first.  i got to go spend time with sweet baby lilah on friday night.

gah, i just love her!

the next day my friend tania and i had a yard sale.
we decided that we needed a yard sale beverage, so we grabbed a couple beers.  it made sitting in the rain much more enjoyable.

now for the not so fun part of the weekend...

so saturday night the hubs and i went down to atlanta for our friend kellie's birthday.  it was the first time in 3 years that we were able to make it down there for her birthday weekend.
so we booked a hotel for the night and decided that we were gonna go out and have a blast.

we were supposed to meet everyone at the mellow mushroom at 9 pm for pizza and pre gaming first, so we get ready to go and head down to grab a cab.

i show the bell hop the address of the restaurant and he tells the cab driver where he needs to take us.  well 15 minutes later we arrive at mellow mushroom and walk inside to meet everyone else.  we walk in ready to get our drinkin on and realize that we are at the WRONG place!


so we call kellie.  since we didn't want to pay a cab again, she said she would have her boyfriend tim come pick us up.  so we tell her where we would be and we wait patiently for tim to come get us.
well 40 minutes go by and still no tim...

patiently waiting on our ride.  as you can see LT is not a happy camper.
we finally get a call from kellie who tells us that tim has actually been arrested for a hit and run (which actually turned out to be false. and that's another story for another day) so by this point it's after 10 pm, i'm starving, and i feel absolutely horrible about the whole situation.  i can't help but think that it's our fault.  so with tears and mascara running down my face, i walk up to a cab driver and ask if he could take us to the correct mellow mushroom so we could meet everyone else there and just wait on kellie to get everything situated.  

well when we arrive at the right place, everyone who was with the birthday party had already left and went home...

so here we are in the middle of buckhead, not knowing how far we actually are from our hotel, and not wanting any more cab fares, so we decide to sit down and get some drinks and pizza.

our waitress felt so bad for us, so she gave us a ride back to our hotel.  so sweet of her.  (that saved us 20 bucks) so since we were all dressed up, we thought "what the heck" we'll just go out and try and have a good time, so that's what we did :)
and the only pics i have are ones of us after we got back to the hotel...

LT wanted to get the cars in the background... typical guy

so that's it for my crazy not so fun atlanta weekend.
happy monday!

Friday, May 17, 2013

mint & coral obsession

spring fashion is my ultimate fave! and this spring, it seems like bright or pastel colors are the way to go!

some of my fave colors for this season are mint and coral.  i'm obsessed!

pair some coral or mint skinnies with some adorable wedges and you're all set.

a cute chunky belt with a coral dress and mint accents would make the perfect going out attire.

keep it simple with ivory and white accents.

pair your simple summer outfit with bold jewelry. 

now go have some fun shopping loves! :)

happy weekend!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

throwback thursday - tardy for the party

so i'm a little late...
sorry loves! 
obviously i shouldn't be in charge of anything super important EVER, because it would probably never get done.

kim is secretly singing that song to me.

so it's thursday again, which means it's time to dig up those old embarrassing photos and wonder "what the hell was i thinking?"

like this one.

ok you can stop laughing now..
moving on :)

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Take in on back now...

 are you ready to feel really old?

check these interesting facts out:

remember furguson from clarissa explains it all?
well this is what he looks like now.

and i should also mention that the first episode of that show aired 22 years ago.

and check this out...
you will never EVER be able to drink one of these again:

or this:

how about this one:
backstreet boys released their first single (brace yourself) 18 years ago!

the titanic was released 16 years ago...

here is leo toasting 16 years apart:

and speaking of leo and the titanic... did you know that kids born the year the titanic came out are sophomores in high school right now?

and this one makes me feel REALLY old...

home alone came out in 1990 (23 years ago) that's only 21 years after neil armstrong walked on the moon... so home alone was released closer to the moon landing than to now

feel old yet?
i do...
happy thursday loves!


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