Monday, May 6, 2013

a wedding and a casino

what?!? another weekend over? sure wish time would slow down just a bit.
so i know it's been a few days since i've blogged, and i'm sorry :(
life has been beyond crazy! 

and ps: throwback thursday will return this week.

linking up with sami for the weekend shenanigans

what a wild and crazy weekend we had!

friday night the hubs and i had a much needed date night.  well i say date night, it was more like a "let's get takeout and go home and do nothing" kinda night.

saturday we slept in till about noon, then got up and did nothing... again.  that night we had a wedding to go to, and then we hopped over to the casino for drinks and dancing.

sunday was a day for recovery and more nothing...

 and at the casino i may or may not have taken off my shoes and walked. again...
that's what happens when you wear heels lol.

and today i got some sad news :(
we used to have an adorable little pug named zeta.  last summer we had to give her up.  it killed me, but we just couldn't give her the attention that she needed.
so we gave her to a mutual friend of ours.

i learned today that poor little zeta was killed last week.
it's so heartbreaking to lose a pet, and even though she wasn't in our family anymore, she was still in our hearts.

rip zeta boo


  1. Sometimes doing a whole lot of nothing makes for a great weekend, haha. & I'm with you on the whole taking off your shoes & walking around thing... you're right, that's what happens when you wear heels! & I'm sorry to hear about poor Zeta :( she was beautiful.

  2. Is that Harrah's? Love all of your coral!!

  3. i love doing just nothing. it is very relaxing to not have to worry about running around here and there!

    sorry to hear about your old pet :(

  4. Sounds just like my weekend! Sometimes I consider a date to be hanging out in our pajams, getting take out, and renting a movie! Those are the best date nights!

  5. Stopped by from Gayle's blog. So sorry about Zeta!



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