Friday, May 31, 2013

how to be a nascar fan

something you may not know about me... i'm a secret nascar fan.
i was raised by a stepdad who raced, and growing up it's all i knew.
watching the race was a sunday ritual at our house, and yearly trips to daytona in february were all too common.
nascar fans

they come in all different breeds.
the most common being the one above.
today i'm going to tell you how to be a loyal nascar fan.

rule number 1:
always make sure you have a cooler full of budweiser.  not bud light, not coors... budwieser.
if you have liquor you may end up like this dude:

rule number 2:
if you are a male, and you have a beer gut the size of my prego friends baby bump, then you are not allowed to wear a shirt.  no exceptions.

 (and having your favorite driver's number shaved in your back hair is a plus)

rule number 3:
you must have a mullet of some sort.  even if you are a woman.

rule number 4:
the more teeth missing the better...

rule number 5:
a tatoo of a six pack on your beer gut is a must!
 now head on over to sarah's blog and link up!

happy friday party peeps!

Venus Trapped in Mars


  1. bahahahaha! LOVE THIS! So true!

  2. Fantastic. I really have no words other than FANTASTIC.

  3. Just found your blog!! My fiance is a HUGE nascar guy. We have a Petty family memorabilia hallway in our man cave.. It doesn't get much more white trash than that!

  4. Hopped over from the link up. OMG! I just can't even with NASCAR!

  5. hahahahah This is great. Most of my family are huge fans of Nascar, me...not so much. I went to races and it is always more fun in person, obviously. Last week we went to the coca cola 600 in concord for my husband's work and no joke...we watched it from a two story condo that has a open floor roof over the track. The first floor is 2 bedrooms, bathrooms and a kitchen and the facade is all glass that overlooks the tracks and then the upstairs is open and right over the turn. I much prefer using the potty that has a shower and marble flooring. haha

  6. Oh, this made me laugh!!! Love it!

  7. I just read this! And it's awesome lol!

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