Monday, May 20, 2013

my not so fun weekend shenanigans

what a weekend!
seriously, what a weekend!!

let me just start with the good part first.  i got to go spend time with sweet baby lilah on friday night.

gah, i just love her!

the next day my friend tania and i had a yard sale.
we decided that we needed a yard sale beverage, so we grabbed a couple beers.  it made sitting in the rain much more enjoyable.

now for the not so fun part of the weekend...

so saturday night the hubs and i went down to atlanta for our friend kellie's birthday.  it was the first time in 3 years that we were able to make it down there for her birthday weekend.
so we booked a hotel for the night and decided that we were gonna go out and have a blast.

we were supposed to meet everyone at the mellow mushroom at 9 pm for pizza and pre gaming first, so we get ready to go and head down to grab a cab.

i show the bell hop the address of the restaurant and he tells the cab driver where he needs to take us.  well 15 minutes later we arrive at mellow mushroom and walk inside to meet everyone else.  we walk in ready to get our drinkin on and realize that we are at the WRONG place!


so we call kellie.  since we didn't want to pay a cab again, she said she would have her boyfriend tim come pick us up.  so we tell her where we would be and we wait patiently for tim to come get us.
well 40 minutes go by and still no tim...

patiently waiting on our ride.  as you can see LT is not a happy camper.
we finally get a call from kellie who tells us that tim has actually been arrested for a hit and run (which actually turned out to be false. and that's another story for another day) so by this point it's after 10 pm, i'm starving, and i feel absolutely horrible about the whole situation.  i can't help but think that it's our fault.  so with tears and mascara running down my face, i walk up to a cab driver and ask if he could take us to the correct mellow mushroom so we could meet everyone else there and just wait on kellie to get everything situated.  

well when we arrive at the right place, everyone who was with the birthday party had already left and went home...

so here we are in the middle of buckhead, not knowing how far we actually are from our hotel, and not wanting any more cab fares, so we decide to sit down and get some drinks and pizza.

our waitress felt so bad for us, so she gave us a ride back to our hotel.  so sweet of her.  (that saved us 20 bucks) so since we were all dressed up, we thought "what the heck" we'll just go out and try and have a good time, so that's what we did :)
and the only pics i have are ones of us after we got back to the hotel...

LT wanted to get the cars in the background... typical guy

so that's it for my crazy not so fun atlanta weekend.
happy monday!


  1. awwww I hope you had some fun on your trip minus all the mishaps.

  2. ok, i'm so sorry to hear the weekend was a bust, but you both are SMOKIN hotties!!!!!

    with a name like mellow mushroom, who would have thought there would be TWO in the same town!!?

    and only in the south would your waitdress drive you back to your hotel- how SWEET and nice!!! is atlanta far from you?

  3. That is a bummer, but glad you made the most of it. We always stay at that intercontinental. Love it.

  4. Aww you poor thing! What a nightmare- but at least you made the most of it!!! And you looked super cute, which is the most important thing, right? RIGHT!! Also, can we talk about how freaking sweet your waitress was?! Like, holy cow. That's amazing. There ARE good people in this world!! :)


  5. Oh my gosh! I would be a complete wreck after all that! Glad you made it back to your hotel though. What an amazing waiter!

  6. Awe sad! What a mess! But what a sweet waitress you had!



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