Thursday, May 30, 2013

throwback thursday~ my 5 year old obsession

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so remember the days of boy bands?
i mean these guys blew the the beibs outta the water.

now i know we all loved us some backstreet boys and n-sync.  and let's not forget 98 degrees!
but this one particular boy band was my absolute favorite!

oh new kids on the block.  my loves, my obsession!  i was 5...
girls i had everything new kids.
the blankets, the dolls, the cartoons, the jewelry.  it was bad...

i was this girl

ok so not THAT bad. but still pretty obsessed.
now if i can only make my dream come true and meet them one day.

what were you obsessed with when you were younger?
tell us about it, link up below!


  1. lovvveee nkotb. i had the bed sheets!!

  2. Loveee this. You look absolutely adorable. Exactly what I remember from the early 90s lol. I was more of an Nsync fan but I loved NKOTB. Plus they all look sexy now! ♥

  3. Haha I loved NKOTB and had pillow cases! When they started to fade out I tried to sell my NKOTB pencils to other girls! lol



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