Thursday, May 23, 2013

throwback thursday


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something that you may not know about me...
i was a ty beanie baby freak when i was younger, and i still have 2 full boxes of my collection sitting in my garage.

my sister and i had them all! and dude we were obsessed.
we were even beanie babies for halloween one year.
and then we thought we would be cool and pose with them, hoping that maybe one day the makers of ty would see it and put us on a commercial or something...

did you have an obsession when you were little?  tell us about it!
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  1. How precious! And the hands on the chin!
    I love it, I had only like 1 beanie baby growing up. It was a sea horse- rainbow!

    I was always obsessed with rocks and sea shells :)

    Ebone @ California Bluebell

  2. Haha cuteeee picture! :)

  3. LOL AT THE PIC. SO funny!!!!

    i seriuosly love looking at other people's kid picutres... you remember the stores that said "YES WE HAVE TY BEANIE BABIES IN STOCK!!" ohhh the good old days.

  4. I still have all my beanies too.

  5. oh goodness beanie babies! i have tons of them! and now i'm not sure what to do with them...maybe my future children will love them as much as i did :) so many memories!



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