Wednesday, June 26, 2013

everybody's a critic

i was introduced to a lovely site called get off my internets yesterday.
a friend of mine was featured on the front page, and being the nosy southern belle that i am, i decided to do some investigation.

i read the article about how the creators behind this wonderful site disagreed with what my friend posted about.  
the article wasn't what got to me though, it was the 100 plus comments below it that really got me going.

as i started to read each comment i found myself getting more and more upset.
their comments were rude, hateful, and just downright hurtful.

i did some research on this site yesterday after reading the article and the comments, and i was quite shocked at what i found out.

one of the creators of the site actually sat down for an interview with ifb, also known as independent fashion bloggers (a site with fashion news and blogging tips).
the author of the articles states that editors of GOMI use the site to critique and examine the posts and the personalities of the bloggers.

that's all fine and dandy.  and here is why i say that.  as bloggers we are all writers, and when you are a writer you have to accept the fact that not everyone is going to enjoy what you write. 
i do agree with the creators of the site on that.

like hank moody from californication says, if you're gonna be a writer, you gotta learn to take the criticism.


there is a difference between constructive criticism and verbal abuse, and this site goes far beyond constructive criticism.  now i will say that not everything on that site is bad, and yes some of the articles i read were indeed constructive criticism, but some of the members of that site take it way too far.  
calling bloggers dumb, idiots, and other words that i care not to say on here, is verbal abuse and slander.
it's hurtful!
i even got a few hateful comments and emails myself.  most of them stated that i was dumb, a fake southerner, and that my blog had horrible content and that i sounded like i was 12.
yeah that's not what i would call constructive criticism.

so anyway where am i going with this post?
i do believe in constructive criticism.  i think it can be helpful, and i appreciate it.  does it mean i'm going to change everything that others don't like?  no.
it's my personal blog space and i can write what i want.
in a wierd way i am kind of thankful for the drama on that site yesterday, because it did generate a ton of traffic to my blog :)
so thank you GOMI!

unfortunately everybody's a critic, and most of them are going to be very blunt and honest,  and in the words of hank moody, if someone doesn't like what you wrote, throw it in a drawer, get drunk and write something else.


  1. It is a VERY hurtful site. People need to get a life.

  2. Believe it or not the site is just using bloggers to help build their site. So in a way they are doing this on purpose just to get more views and that's extremely pitiful! Don't let someone like that bring your down or hurt you, I like your blog :)

    xoxo -B ♡

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  4. i love this centered lower case post! you are a doll. life is too short to stress yourself with people who don't even deserve to be an issue in your life.... real life or blog life.

  5. Hey Jennifer! Nice to see you again! Loved this post! I'm about to tweet it actually. Let me go do that now.....

    Okay, I'm back. I'm kinda nervous to future criticism that I will recieve from my blog. Because lets face it, everyone will at some point. I have read from bloggers with 6000+ followers that they recieved mean cmoments and emails. They say that it will happen. I hope to just be strong when that comes and know I do have people who truly love what I write and that they are the reason for my blog.

    You nailed it: there is a HUGE difference between constructive criticism and verbal abuse! And verbal abuse does not have to be tolerated.


  6. I just looked at that website and got a graet feel for what it's about. They even mocked the blog advice giveaway that went on this week! Dang they have no life but to bash other people.

    I mean, I know there are so me blogs out there that do nothing but talk smack about others and constantly advertise their drunkenness...(to each his own). But then there are HEARTFELT bloggers who write about great things!

    Screw this website

  7. Loving that you centered this(I am saying this in spite of what those idiots said about centering things)! I too read the comments and found myself getting worked up. I mean constructive criticism is one thing, but when you are just making outlandish accusations to directly hurt an individual then you are being a bully. I do not use that work very often, but I feel it is appropriate in this situation. I qualify these individuals as this because they continue to harass and verbally abuse you and Ady. I know that we are all well educated women that are classy and we all deserve some respect. No one did anything to deserve all of these hateful remarks. I can't even believe they had the notion to even think to question you being from the south! I mean come on let's get real here, you are about as southern as it gets. We got your back..don't worry, we are all in this together!

  8. This post is perfect. I'm glad we can agree on this. Also, I adore that last quote, especially since I am an aspiring writer (not that it can be told by my rambling blog posts). You're wonderful!
    Love, Cassie

  9. Love the post and hate that site but it is what it is. Everyone will judge and we need to ignore and turn the other way. If we lived how others wanted us to live, blogged they think is "right" and listened to every judgement then there would be nothing unique about this world. It is sad to see such hateful and cruel people in the world. Karma will bite sooner than later.
    Love your centered lower case post and everything else about it :) Glad to be a part of this wonderful giveaway no matter what anyone thinks!

  10. I've heard of the site before but I absolutely refuse to visit it. It doesn't even deserve my page views. I hope that other people will do the same. You're right- it's stupid and not constructive at all. Just a way for mean girls to grow up to become mean women.

  11. I stay far far away from sites like that!
    I know that those bloggers would eat my blog for breakfast. I type my blog like I would speak with friends, I see nothing wrong in writing this way as I feel it helps bring my personality across.
    I too love a bit of criticism, I certainly wouldn't of continued on with my blog for this long if people hadn't sent me some helpful criticism which in turn helped me grow what I type about but being mean for the sake of being mean is something that I do not put up with!
    I would never attack the way someone blogs as the whole point of a blog is to show your individualism.
    I blog to make myself happy and I think sometimes others should re evaluate why they blog!
    I found your blog through the Throw Back Thursday link up and I am super duper glad that I did :)
    Looking forward to following your more.
    Love Gi

  12. If you can't handle criticism you should not post anything on the internet, you got sarcastic too. Btw I read GOMI as I find it interesting, in fact I learn a few things to better myself as a blogger, one shouldn't be so sensitive if you're going to have a blog. You have to accept that people will not always like what you do. And I don't agree with what your friend does whatsoever, fake twitter followers or buying followers is the exact same as being a thief, every single follower I have on twitter, GFC, Facebook and bloglovin I have worked for, I take my blog seriously, everything I do I put my heart and soul into it, I make a lot of effort and it pays off ~ therefore I don't appreciate when someone is trying to gain FAKE followers by being deceitful, also, people like her who buys followers give honest bloggers like me a bad name. I don't care whether you agree with me not agreeing ;)

  13. The the next time I read a weblog, I really hope which it doesnt disappoint me approximately this. Come on, man, It was my solution to read, but I actually thought youd have something fascinating to mention. All I hear is actually a handful of whining about something you could fix when you werent too busy interested in attention.



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