Friday, June 28, 2013

no need for an expensive beauty salon

i wouldn't classify myself as high maintenance, although my husband would probably disagree.
i enjoy having my nails done every once in a while, and yes i'm admitting it, i'm not a natural blonde.

i know, shocking right?!? 
i wouldn't call it high maintenance, more like i enjoy looking "put together".
let's face it ladies, looking "put together" cost money.  more money than i care to spend.

i've found some really amazing at home beauty tips that actually work.

#1 how to be a blondie.
oh hey who is that brunette?
yeah that would be yours truly circa 2005.

and yes that's my natural hair color.  not a huge fan of it, so i decided to become a blonde.
spending 50-100 bucks at a beauty salon every 4-6 weeks got outrageously expensive,
so i found an at home highlighting kit that works wonders and it's cheap! 
revlon frost & glow in platinum
price $6.99
this kit gives me the perfect blonde without looking brassy and orange.
and a bonus, *it's easy*

so what do i do when my roots start to grow out?
well i'll show you!

sun in hair lightener in lemon fresh
price: $3.00
all i do is section my hair into peices and spray the roots.  then i take a blow dryer on high heat and blow dry until no longer wet, and ta-da blonde roots.

#2 how to do an at home pedicure
 how i wish i could have someone give me a pedicure every week.  yeah well, i'm not rich and famous.  not sure about your neck of the woods, but around here pedicures run about 20-30 dollars.
so i do my own.

what you will need:
nail polosh remover
nail clippers
nail file with buffer
olive oil
hot water
large bowl
coconut oil
your favorite nail polish

step 1
 remove any remaining nail polish.  i use onyx professional nail polish remover.  it works the best and it's only $2.99 a bottle.

step 2
 after removing nail polish trim and file nails to desired length.

step 3
wash feet with soap and warm water.  mix 2 tablespoons of sugar with a small amount of coconut oil (enough to make a paste).  scrub feet with sugar mixture for about 30 seconds to 1 minute.  rinse and dry with a towel.

step 4
use nail buffer to buff nails.  when finished rinse well to get any remaining residue off.

step 5
mix 2 tablespoons of olive oil, half a cup of milk, and 3 cups of warm water together in a large bowl.  
soak feet in bowl for about 10-20 minutes and relax.  this would be a great time to enjoy a glass of champagne ;-)

step 6
rinse feet after soaking and towel dry.  now you're ready to paint.  start with a base coat and let it dry.  after base coat is dry, start with a thick stroke in the center of your nail, and work your way out to each side.  repeat with each nail.  if an additional coat is needed, do the same thing again.  add a top coat to each nail and sit back and admire your work.

#3 how to keep a pretty face
 important right?  especially with my face, because i suffer with acne.  bad acne.  i hate it!
i use a homemade scrub for my face about twice a week that works wonders for my skin.

here is what you will need
coconut oil
baking soda 

i mix equal parts of the coconut oil and baking soda until it creates a paste.  i wet my face with warm water and then use the coconut oil scrub in circular motions all over my face.  i let it sit for about 2 minutes and then rinse with cold water.  the cold water helps reduce the redness and helps to close your pores.  i then let my face air dry.  i immediately start seeing results!

so there you have it ladies.  my at home beauty tips.  now if you have nothing to do tomorrow, i suggest you print this out, and have an at home spa day.
you're welcome!



  1. Thanks for the tips!!! :)

  2. Love this! Especially the pedi! I will be trying that after my crazy weekend is over!xoxo

  3. Firstly, you had me at the Parks and Rec gif. Obsessesed. I'm also OBSESSED with coconut oil and baking soda in my beauty regimen! I blogged about my love of them a while back! Just the best <3
    Kallie, But First Coffee Blog OR But First Coffee on Bloglovin

  4. Lovely post! Revlon should consider changing their picture to yours. Your orbit smile definitely speaks volumes!!!

  5. I love this! I've heard amazing things about coconut oil:)

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