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throwback thursday ~ before the days of texting

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oh today's gonna be a good one so you might wanna grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, and be prepared to laugh.
so remember the days before texting?
you know, the days where you would pass stupid little notes back and forth?
yes, you know exactly what i'm talking about.
well this girl right here just happened to save most of her silly little notes and i've decided to share them with all you lovely ladies today.

let's take a look at these first.
matt myers.  my first "real" boyfriend.
i thought i was the shiz for dating a junior football player.
girls i had it goin on, and apparently he wasn't all about showing public affection...

let me translate that for you...

hey baby (oh it's serious, he's calling me baby), how is your day going? well my day has gone great. well it got better when i saw you this morning. (awe how sweet)
i got a question for you. do you like showing of public affection (uh, what?). as in me kissing you at school (oh ok, glad i understand now). see i'm not exactly all for it (then why are you asking me?). sometimes i think you want to kiss me, but you don't.
anyway, now that i've got that off my chest. (oh ok well that's nice)
well i better get off here. i'll talk to you at lunch.
(see it was serious, we were in love)
matt m.

and another...

hey, how's it going? pretty good here, just chillin (without the g) in class, two tables behind you. (stalker)
so why are you so shy around me? i'm just wondering because you don't need to be. (well thanks for making me feel better)
i know the way you feel toward me (damnit who told you?), and that's kool. (you mean cool with a c?)
well i guess i'm gonna stop writing this gay note

matt myers

are ya peeing your pants yet?

now this one is from my bestie julia who will probably kill me for posting this.  sorry friend.

hey gurlie (you mean girlie?) what's goin on? ok... so we know your weekend we great, but what happened?!? (i don't know, what did happen?!? must have been good) hehe you and d-man are so absolutely kute (with a k) i'm realli (uh oh misspelled really) happy you found someone that's sweet to you like him. so does he have any kute (there's that k again) friends? jk, but anywayz (with a z),,, all this stuff going on w/ erica is crazi (that's crazy with an i) bs. lol. that's one thing i can't stand about franklin... everyone takes things way too far and its always stupid stuff. OMG (still happens at 27)
i cannot wait until summer hehe. panama baby haha (was that supposed to be funny?). how long and when are you gonna be in montana? you are gonna be realli (really with an i) tan (i don't think you get tans in montana) LOL LUCKY!!! (again montana and tans don't mix) dude i have no dang idea who i like. i started to like nick valdex this weekend (started to? did you finish?) but they're moving at the end of the school year (oh that's why you didn't finish "liking" him) so that wouldn't work out *tear* HEHE (julia just likes to laugh at everything) oh you need to download angel by amanda perez.  it's an awesome song.  but it reminds me of mark (don't remember who mark was) LOL (there she goes with the laughing again) just listen to it and then i'll explain why LOL (ok we get it, everything is funny) well i'm gonna go, so i'll talk to you later.

<3 always 

this is for you julia gulia HEHE ;-)


  1. This is probably the best concept for a blog hop I've seen yet. I've got to start thinking of what I can write about next week so I can link-up. So glad I'm not the only one who still has a bunch of these silly notes from high school!

  2. hahaha KUTE WITH A K. I love it!! That's so awesome that you still have those! I have a few, too, and it's always hilarious reading them again. Oh, high school.


  3. Hahaha OMG I love this!!!! Lets see if I get creative enough for next week :) p.s. I so use LOL way too much.

  4. I was just laughing out loud! These are the best notes... I think I may have a few that resemble them very closely! I guess it was the way to communicate... :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. lollll dying!! god, i wish i could find some of my old nots -- we used to pass around spiral notebooks to keep notes in! tell me i'm not the only one!! as a teacher it's SO EFFIN ANNOYING to see kids texting in class but if they were writing notes I'd find that totally acceptable. Do you think teenagers nowadays (like we're so old! hah!) look at us like we're totally crazy for having handwritten notes??

    PS - SSS ahhh! hahahaha

  6. Lol I love these!! I honestly would kind of be scared to read my old letters.

  7. Oh i miss the days of passing notes. I was thinking of how when I got my first cell phone there was no camera, selfies didn't exist back then unless you used your camera!

  8. LOL (<--- im really laughing out loud) at my desk. this is beyond funny. SSS. sorry so short BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  9. Ohhhh wow! I can't stop laughing at this haha! I am totally guilty of the boyfriend/girlfriend note exchange. I'm afraid to dig mine out the box!

  10. I am dying. Absolutely dying. I can't believe you still have these letters. I also can't believe we ever talked like that. OMG REALLI?!?!

  11. This is hilarious! I love the notes! Even more, I love your little comments on them! One of the best posts ever!

  12. The notes are adorable, reminds me of my note-making days. I read a few of them not long ago and it's absolutely hilarious what my friends and I used to write in notes. So silly. :) Love this TBT post, lady!!!
    Love, Cass

  13. New follower to your blog and this link up is awesome! Loving your blog!

    Xo Lidija

  14. HA. This is the definition of hilarious. I wish I still had my notes from the good old days. My friends and I used to keep notebooks we'd pass back and forth, and I remember the notes always started, "What's up, down, all around?" Using arrows, of course, not words. :)

    Fun to come across your blog and this link-up! Will definitely join it today! -Your newest follower

  15. This is amazing! I still have notes saved from when I was younger too. Now I want to go home and dig them out!

  16. Came across your blog from yesterday's link up and this throwback has me laughing. I def was asked out in pager code once. 111177 4011 60 0117 111174 1173? And I still remember how to type it out!

  17. Those are awesome!!!! Love this linkup.

  18. HAHA. Love it! I find notes all the time from high school and I laugh so hard at some of them. I'll be linking up soon! :)



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