Tuesday, June 4, 2013

you know you're from the south when...

1. y'all and bless your heart are part of your everyday vocabulary.
2. you wear cowboy boots with just about everything.
3. denim jackets are what make your outfits complete.

3. you use camo as a wedding color

just so we're clear... i DON"T know these people lol
4. you drink sweet tea.
5. you get annoyed when you are not in the south and you ask for sweet tea and the waitress replies with "we have regular tea and there is sugar on the table" not the same people!
6. you refer to mashed potatoes as "mashed taters".
7. college sports are way more important than professional sports (go heels!)
8. you eat your share of bbq with slaw (not cole slaw) and beans.
9. you know what cow tipping is.
10. everybody you know has a garden with home grown tomatoes and green beans.
11. you went four wheeling and played in the creek when you were younger (sitting inside and playing video games never crossed our mind)
12. nascar is a way of life, not just a sport.
13. you have a mason jar of moonshine in your freezer.
14. you partied in a field or two in your lifetime.
15. you've been muddin' more times than you can count.
16. you know every word to wagon wheel and that old crow medicine show sang the original song (not darius rucker)
17. you had a snow day without any snow (happened more than you know)
18. the whole town attends friday night football games.
19. you party to country music instead of rap or hip hop (in a field)
20. you went to a swimming hole instead of the pool.

give me an amen if you're from the south!


  1. LOVE LOVE LOOOOVE! so true! Nothing like the south! :)

  2. Yes! I love all of these! I HATE when restaurants don't have sweet tea. Hello? You have to add the sugar before you add the ice for it to be considered sweet tea. Otherwise you just have a pile of sugar sitting at the bottom of your glass......

  3. OMG the parties in Dustin's field... wow memories!



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