Wednesday, July 31, 2013

wednesdays with zoe // what happens when child stars grow up

happy hump day everybody.  zoe here, and i've got some juicy hollywood gossip for you today.

first up on the list today:

that's right, she's free!  after being in rehab for 3 months after a reckless driving incident, this mean girl is done.

and you know, in a weird way, i'm kind of happy for the girl.  now that the world has a new crazy celeb to stalk (ahem, amanda bynes) lindsay can be out of the spotlight for a while.

i have to agree with miss wieners, i think it's pretty fetch too.

next up on the list:

yeah i don't have to say much about this one.  if you've seen the latest maxim magazine you know that i'm talking about.  what i don't understand is how these child stars go from that cute little thing above to this...

what?!? no way! 

so now that you're all shocked, let's shock you even more!

wait for it...

boom!  hard to believe right?

and last but not least:

it's true.  the bachelorette episode last night left fans in shock as brooks made his shocking confession.  he's not in love with her.  so who will she pick now??  i guess we'll have to wait and see.

well guys that's all i have for you this week.
tune in next wednesday for more hollywood gossip.
i'm gonna go eat my doggie treats, and then lounge the rest of the day.


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

google this

if you're anything like me when you're bored, you google random crap on the internet.  but have you ever typed in one word or phrase to see what it automatically brings up?
i did today, and guess what i found out?
everyone is thinking about pregnancy, ovulation, iphones, eggs and the end of the world.  oh and turtles.

let's have some fun shall we.

how do you know

#1: how do you know if your pregnant?
well guys this is an easy one.  you go to wal-mart, buy a pregnancy test, go home, pee on said pregnancy test, and there ya go...

#2: how do you know when your in love?
when you are able to fart in front of each other without feeling embarrassed or giving a shit.

#3: how do you know when a girl likes you?
if a girl "likes" all of your facebook posts, comments on all of you pictures, and retweets all of your twitter posts, i'd say she probably has a thing for you.

#4. how do you know when eggs are bad?
they smell

what do

#1: what do turtles eat?
i have no idea.

#2: what do box turtles eat?
probably the same thing that turtles eat...

#3: what do tadpoles eat?
again i have no clue.

#4: what do dreams mean? 
i'm sure cinderella would know.  her dreams are wishes her heart makes.  ask her.

when will

#1: when will ios 7 be released?
hopefully soon so i can stop hearing about it

#2: when will the world end?
 not today :)

#3: when will i see you again?
um, you're asking google?

#4: when will i ovulate?
well dear, that depends.  but i wouldn't rely on google to tell you that.

where do

#1: where do bed bugs come from?
they live in your bed.  if you have bed bugs it's probably time to buy a new bed.

#2: where do tigers live?
well if i had to guess, i'd say they live in africa.

#3: where do fruit flies come from?

#4: where do chipmunks live?
last time i checked it was trees.  could be wrong though.

will i be able

#1: will i be able to breastfeed?
well that's a question you will have to answer yourself.  google doesn't know your boobs.

#2. will i be able to retire?
well i would hope so one day.

#3: will i be able to grow a beard?
if you're a man i say sure why not.  if you're a female, i'm a little concerned as to why you're even asking google in the first place.

#4: will i be able to dunk?
depends on what you're dunking.  a ball into a hoop?  a donut in coffee?  an oreo on milk?  i would say those are all probably possible.

why is

#1: why is the sky blue?
because God is definitely a tarheels fan.

#2: why is the ocean salty?
well probably because it has salt in it.

#3: why is my poop green?
really?!? i have no words.

#4: why is youtube so slow?
because everybody and their mom is trying to look up the most recent stupid video.


happy tuesday everybody :)

Monday, July 29, 2013

spice up your looks with firmoo rimless glasses

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i love wine

i'm obsesesd with wine.  i love pairing it with different foods, and trying different versions of wine.  and i feel fancy drinking out of a wine glass :)
sorry but you can't serve wine out of regular cup, it's just not the same.
this weekend my  mom and her boyfriend took the hubs and i to a place called wolf mountain vineyards in dahlonega, ga.  it's only about an hour 1/2 from our house, and when you get there you feel like you're in napa valley.  it's gorgeous!


the wine is amazing! and the atmosphere is even better.
we had a blast.  and after that we went down town to a little restaurant called the cork screw cafe.  we had the filet which was beyond delicious, and for desert we had homemade raspberry sorbet.

best meal i've had in a while.

sunday we were lazy and soaked up the first sun we've had in weeks.
and of course we had some cuddle time with the pups.

it was a pretty great weekend.  and honestly i'm not even sad it's monday.  only because i'm beyond excited that i get my new car tomorrow!! ;-)

happy monday!

Sami's Shenanigans

Friday, July 26, 2013

end of summer beauty tips

yes i said it, end of summer.  hard to believe right?  well it's right around the corner whether you like it or not.  time to squeeze in those last beach trips and barbeques.
yes i know fall starts in about 2 months, however, around these parts of north carolina, fall decides to show it's face around mid august.  which means we only have about a month of true summer weather left to enjoy.

by the end of the summer months, your hair is probably dry from all the chlorine, your nails are chipping, and your skin, like it or not, probably has some sun damage.  and with cooler weather on it's way, it's only going to make things worse.

so today i'm going to show you some of my favorite beauty tips to help your hair and skin get back to it's normal self.


problem #1: your mani and pedi are in need of some serious tlc

living in flip flops during the summer can cause your pedicure to fade, or chip easier.  but like me, i'm sure you don't want to live in boots all summer long.  if you don't have the money to go spend on an expensive mani and pedi, you can do it yourself.  set some time aside to give your hands and feet the attention they need:
1. soak them in mild soap (i use johnson's baby wash) and water for about 5 minutes and then rinse.  after your are done rinsing, scrub your feet with a sugar and water mixture.  
2. rinse all of the residue off and moisturize with oil (i use either olive oil or coconut oil) let the oil sit for about 20 minutes.  you can sit back, relax and read and magazine.  don't worry about time, this is your time to treat yourself. 
3. after about 20 minutes rinse again and enjoy how soft your feet feel :)
you can do the same thing with your hands.

now you will need a new color for your fingers and toes.  neon is a little too summery, so i would suggest sometime a little more neutral.   

try topless and barefoot by essie.  this color is a neutral hue, with a little bit of sparkle to it.  perfect for those end of summer date nights!

problem #2: your hair is brittle and your color is looking dull

if you're anything like me, you've spent your summer hanging out by the pool.  at the time it feels like the best thing in the world, especially with a frozen margarita in your hand.  but what you don't realize is that with all the chlorine and the sun, your hair is suffering.
moisture is none existent and your color is fading fast!
um emergency!!  so what can you do?  well it's too late to start protecting your hair from the harmful rays, and chemicals, but don't worry, you can give your hair the treatment it needs, no need to book a hair appointment. what you need to do is give your hair a good clarifying cleanse, and good deep conditioning treatment.
there are a few different clarifying shampoo on the market, you just need to find the right one that works for you.  the one that i would recommend is fekkai apple cider clarifying shampoo.  you're going to pay a little more for it, however, if you're in the market for a cheaper option try neutrogena anti-residue shampoo.  after shampooing and removing all of that residue, you need to make sure you give yourself a deep conditioning treatment.  i swear by dove products.  they are my absolute favorite, and i love their deep conditioning treatments.  i would recommend using dove damage therapy intensive repair treatment.  a little bit of tlc will help your hair color go from dull to radient again, however, if you're bored with your summer color, talk to your salon.  they can recommend a color that will look and feel great on you.  i would only advise coloring your hair yourself if you are skilled in that area :)

problem #3: your skin is dry and flaky

let's face it, unless you're perfect, you've forgotten to apply sunscreen a few times this summer.  too much sun can damage your skin.  we've heard it before.  sun is NOT good for your skin.  not only can it cause skin cancers such as melanoma, but it can cause sun spots wrinkles, and much more damage in the long run.  by the end of summer, the heat and sun have left you with red, flaky and dry skin.  don't fret, you can fix it!  your skin changes with the seasons, so to get your skin repaired from summer damage, and prepared for the fall and winter, there are a few steps you can take:

1. give your skin a good exfoliation.  this can be as easy as mixing a good at home potion together.  mix sugar and coconut oil together to make a paste.  the sugar will help remove all of those dead skin cells, and the coconut oil will help moisturize.
2. drink plenty of water.  this tip isn't only for the summer months.  it's definitely a year round beauty tip.  your body is made up of mostly water, and with the suns heat, your body has probably lost a large amount of fluid.  getting plenty of fluids will not only hydrate your body, but your skin as well.
3. keep applying sunscreen.  even if it's not as hot outside.  the suns rays are still just as harmful in the fall and winter months as it is in the summer months.


yes i know you're probably thinking, "jennifer, stop wishing summer away!".  well the reality is, summer will be gone before we know it.  you'll thank me for these tips once fall comes around :)
in the mean time i hope you all have a fabulous weekend.
stay beautiful! 

Thursday, July 25, 2013


y'all i can't even begin to tell you how stressed i've been about my stupid car situation. 
my little saturn vue was about to break down on me, and we either had to trade it and deal with the negative equity, or keep it and spend a ton of money on a car that we hated.  so we started searching for other options.  we've been searching for about 6 months.  not kidding.  it's put so much stress between my husband and i it's ridiculous!
but it's all over thank God.  let me introduce you to my new baby...

my beautiful black bmw x3! 
this girl is beyond happy.

so now that my car situation is all over with, my stress level has gone down, i promise i'll be back to my normal self.


and besides the finally resolved car situation, we also got our mexico vaction booked the other day!  we're headed to cancun at the end of september.
so once my co-worker gets back from maternity leave i'll have a couple of weeks before i head south.  it will be a nice break.


well guys that's all i have for you today.  sorry i've been a bit blah this week with my posts.  oh and throwback thursday will return next week, so be sure and spread the word.

happy thursday :)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

wednesdays with zoe // baby fever

guess who?? yup it's me, zoe here.  it's time for another edition of wednesdays with zoe.
first off, my mom wants to apologize for her absence this week.  she's been one busy lady.  i'm surprised she even has time to walk and feed me...

so anyway it's been another crazy week in the world, and i'm here to tell you all about it.

what's on everybody's mind this week?  well the royal baby of course.
are you tired of hearing about it yet?  my mom is obsessed with the royal family.  it's pretty bad.
a few years ago she made me get up at 5 am with her and watch will and kate get hitched.  crazy woman!!

so anyway let me introduce you to His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge.
(i feel bad for this kid in kindergarten)

isn't he a cutie?  look at that wittle face.
yup if you missed all the fuss (and if you did you live under the biggest rock in the universe)
i'll tell ya all the details.
kate went into labor early monday morning, and then the wait was on.  every eye was on the hospital door as we awaited to hear the news of the new prince.
and at 4:24 pm the little prince was born.


speaking of babies
another baby was born on monday (not of royalty)

penelope cruz welcomed her 2nd baby, a little girl, into the world. 

another baby boom anyone?


in other news... amanda bynes had another mental breakdown again.  is anyone else shocked?

apparently this girl is playing with fire (literally).  on monday night it was reported that a man found bynes in a driveway with her pants on fire.
eventually bynes was detained and thankfully  nobody was hurt.

so beyonce's got a new fan... actual fan.  that apparently wants her hair.
at her montreal concert, the "jealous" fan, sucked in beyonce's hair and wouldn't let go.
talk about a bad day!


well that's all i have for you this week guys.
see ya next hump day!

Friday, July 19, 2013

i have blog add & what lifetime movies taught me

it's true.  i can't stay with one design for longer than about 3 months.  and now that i've figured out how to do it myself, it might turn into a weekly thing.
with that said, i hope you guys like the changes around here.
i wanted something simple but cute.  i think i did a pretty good job :)
so anyway i had something exciting happen yesterday.
i was featured on!!
go check it out!  i'm kind of feeling like a celeb today.


well it's been a pretty exciting/stressful week.
i've had family come and go, and then more family come and go.  we've been trying to figure out my car situation.  i have got to get rid of the saturn before it hits 100,000.
it's at 91,000.
so we're looking at just about everything there is to look at, but the hubs and i just can't seem to agree on anything.  i hate car shopping :(


anyway moving on.
so as you may have heard, i'm a bit of a lifetime freak.
when trying to figure out what to write about today, i asked my hubby for some ideas.
his response: "how about all of the lessons you have learned from lifetime?"
um genius!
so here we go

10 things lifetime movies taught me

1. don't trust your significant other.  most of the time the husband or the wife in the relationship is lying.  the husband is having an affair, or the wife is a secret serial killer.

2. when hiring a babysitter or a nanny, always be smart and do a background check.  bitches be crazy yo.

3. cops are usually the bad guys.  either they are the ones behind the crime, or they are friends with the person who is committing the crime.

4. don't drive to the edge of a cliff and turn your car off, someone will come behind you and try to push you and your car off the side.

5. never take a shower in an empty house.  someone will break in, and try to kill you.

6. when you hear a strange noise, always go and investigate.

7. if you see headlights in your rear-view mirror, drive as fast as you can, it's more than likely someone trying to follow you.

8. be cautious of female therapists you see when you are pregnant, she's plotting to kill you and steal your baby.

9. pick your friends wisely, your bff is probably sleeping with your husband.

10. don't trust your parents.  they probably aren't even your real parents.

happy friday loves!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

throwback thursday // royal family style

it's time to look back on the good ol' days.
the days of hair scrunchies, new kids on the block, and saved by the bell.

it's throwback thursday y'all!!

here's how it works.
follow the hosts, write a post about your past, and grab our button and link back to us.

the hosts


so the world is patiently waiting for the royal baby to arrive.  and from what i hear, he or she should be making it's grand appearance by the end of this week.
i've always been intrigued by the royal family, and since everybody has their eye on them this week, i thought it would be fun to take a look back at the royal past.

princess diana and prince charles

prince charles and diana were married at st. paul's cathedral on july 29, 1981.
charles and diana at their wedding in 1981
 on june 21, 1982 their first child prince william was born.

diana, charles and baby william
and then on september 15, 1984 diana gave birth to their second child prince harry.

diana with baby harry and william
but the royal life wasn't always a fairytale.  problems arose in the royal family, and on august 28, 1996 the divorce for princess diana and prince charles was finalized.

on august 21, 1997 tragedy struck and the world was shaken by the unexpected and sudden death of princess diana.

prince william and kate

baby william.  he was even cute as a toddler
little kate.
every teen girl's dream in the 90s
the princess as a teen.
william and kate met in 2001 at the university of st. andrews and began dating in 2002.

william and kate early in their relationship
 in october of 2010 the famous couple finally became engaged.

official engagement photo
and on april 29, 2011 the world watched as kate middleton walked down the aisle at westminster abby to marry her prince.
an estimated 300 million watched the royal wedding, myself included.
i was up at 5 am with a mimosa in hand :)

and on december 3, 2012 the long awaited announcement was made that the royal couple was expecting their first child.

so now the world anxiously awaits the arrival of the royal baby.
what will it be?  what will the name be?
these are the questions that are on everybody's mind.

so until then, my prayers go out to them as they prepare to bring their miracle into the world.

happy thursday!!


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