Thursday, July 25, 2013


y'all i can't even begin to tell you how stressed i've been about my stupid car situation. 
my little saturn vue was about to break down on me, and we either had to trade it and deal with the negative equity, or keep it and spend a ton of money on a car that we hated.  so we started searching for other options.  we've been searching for about 6 months.  not kidding.  it's put so much stress between my husband and i it's ridiculous!
but it's all over thank God.  let me introduce you to my new baby...

my beautiful black bmw x3! 
this girl is beyond happy.

so now that my car situation is all over with, my stress level has gone down, i promise i'll be back to my normal self.


and besides the finally resolved car situation, we also got our mexico vaction booked the other day!  we're headed to cancun at the end of september.
so once my co-worker gets back from maternity leave i'll have a couple of weeks before i head south.  it will be a nice break.


well guys that's all i have for you today.  sorry i've been a bit blah this week with my posts.  oh and throwback thursday will return next week, so be sure and spread the word.

happy thursday :)


  1. yay for a new car and so jealous you get to go to me-he-co!

  2. Whoop, whoop! Love the car :) Aww how sweet of you to book me & you a Mexican vacation for my birthday in September! hahaha ;) That's so exciting! Yall will have a blast!

  3. Love the car!!!! I struggled to find my new car and so glad when I finally did. Buying something shouldn't be so stressful!

  4. Your new car is beautifulllll. And wayy jealous of your vacation!

  5. OMG I am obsessed with your new car, and slightly jealous. Loooooove!




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