Friday, July 5, 2013

high 5 for friday

well hey friday.  good to see you again.
i'm already confused thinking today was saturday for some reason.  could be because of my day off yesterday, which consisted of absolutely nothing.

the hubs and i didn't get out of bed until about 7:30 last night.  not kidding!
but sometimes we need days like that, don't we?

anyway linking up for high 5 for friday today with lauren.

1. sporting my friday smile and my new shirt.
2. sparklers with the neices
3. blogging and coffee.  great way to get my morning started
4. we got bored yesterday so we decided to dress my dog up in my headbands.  she wasn't too thrilled.
5. my 4th of july treat.  ok so i lied we did get out of bed for about 20  minutes yesterday to drive to dairy queen.

i hope you all had a fabulous 4th of july! 
happy weekend loves :)


  1. Love dip cones from DQ! I haven't had one in years!

  2. The headband picture is too funny!

  3. My week seems all mixed up to!
    I didn't know what day it was.
    So glad you had a relaxing 4th.
    We all need days like that sometimes :)

  4. I found your blog through high five for friday! i love the headband picture! we are always dressing up my dog out of boredom too. he hates it but i still find it hilarious!!

  5. love days like that!! and i'm totally discombobulated with the days of the week too but that's a side effect of being a teacher and having summers off! :)

  6. You didn't get out of bed until 7:30 pm!?!?!? I'm SO jealous!!!

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