Friday, July 19, 2013

i have blog add & what lifetime movies taught me

it's true.  i can't stay with one design for longer than about 3 months.  and now that i've figured out how to do it myself, it might turn into a weekly thing.
with that said, i hope you guys like the changes around here.
i wanted something simple but cute.  i think i did a pretty good job :)
so anyway i had something exciting happen yesterday.
i was featured on!!
go check it out!  i'm kind of feeling like a celeb today.


well it's been a pretty exciting/stressful week.
i've had family come and go, and then more family come and go.  we've been trying to figure out my car situation.  i have got to get rid of the saturn before it hits 100,000.
it's at 91,000.
so we're looking at just about everything there is to look at, but the hubs and i just can't seem to agree on anything.  i hate car shopping :(


anyway moving on.
so as you may have heard, i'm a bit of a lifetime freak.
when trying to figure out what to write about today, i asked my hubby for some ideas.
his response: "how about all of the lessons you have learned from lifetime?"
um genius!
so here we go

10 things lifetime movies taught me

1. don't trust your significant other.  most of the time the husband or the wife in the relationship is lying.  the husband is having an affair, or the wife is a secret serial killer.

2. when hiring a babysitter or a nanny, always be smart and do a background check.  bitches be crazy yo.

3. cops are usually the bad guys.  either they are the ones behind the crime, or they are friends with the person who is committing the crime.

4. don't drive to the edge of a cliff and turn your car off, someone will come behind you and try to push you and your car off the side.

5. never take a shower in an empty house.  someone will break in, and try to kill you.

6. when you hear a strange noise, always go and investigate.

7. if you see headlights in your rear-view mirror, drive as fast as you can, it's more than likely someone trying to follow you.

8. be cautious of female therapists you see when you are pregnant, she's plotting to kill you and steal your baby.

9. pick your friends wisely, your bff is probably sleeping with your husband.

10. don't trust your parents.  they probably aren't even your real parents.

happy friday loves!


  1. Hey Jennifer! Did you see the Jodi Arias lifetime movie? It was SCARY! That biotch was PSYCHO!!! Oh my God I didn't know she did all THAT! Thank GOD she got put behind bars. She deserves life in prison. No guilt or remorse at all for the murder...

    I also watched the Anna Nicole movie. I loved it. I thought she looked JUST like the real Anna. There were times where I really thought I was watching the real Anna Nicole. Loved it!


  2. HAHAHAHA. you have to give me a list of which movies they correlate with!!

    congrats on the website post!!!! awesome

  3. oh lifetime movies....the christmas ones are the best!

    uhm also...i was trying to e-mail you to ask you a few questions and I couldn't get to your e-mail. How do I contact you!?


  4. Your new design likes so nice!!

    Congrats on being featured!

  5. Love your blog design, it is so cute! Cute blog too, I'm a new follower now :)


  6. Hahaha this is hilarious. I always go check out suspicious noises, in my undies, in the dark, in the basement. Obviously.


  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Hey! I found you through Ali at Chasing Moonlight & Roses. =)
    Congrats on being a featured blogger!I totally get you on having blog add. I do too. =)
    Oh! And I ALWAYS run upstairs to get away from creepy things in my house instead of running outside and straight for the car to get away! ;-)

    Good luck with your car hunt!

  9. Hahaha omg your Lifetime lessons are HILARIOUS. I was seriously laughing out loud to all of them. The nanny one! YES. Bitches be crayyyyy. Gosh, I love Lifetime movies.


  10. haha love the Lifetime Lessons!! Love your new design!!

  11. Oh wow!!! Congratulations on ShopatHome!! I love your Lifetime lessons lol!!

  12. Thanks for sharing your great experiences about lifetime movies. Can you please give some more Christmas movies lists here? Thanks in advance!!



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