Thursday, July 18, 2013

throwback thursday // royal family style

it's time to look back on the good ol' days.
the days of hair scrunchies, new kids on the block, and saved by the bell.

it's throwback thursday y'all!!

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so the world is patiently waiting for the royal baby to arrive.  and from what i hear, he or she should be making it's grand appearance by the end of this week.
i've always been intrigued by the royal family, and since everybody has their eye on them this week, i thought it would be fun to take a look back at the royal past.

princess diana and prince charles

prince charles and diana were married at st. paul's cathedral on july 29, 1981.
charles and diana at their wedding in 1981
 on june 21, 1982 their first child prince william was born.

diana, charles and baby william
and then on september 15, 1984 diana gave birth to their second child prince harry.

diana with baby harry and william
but the royal life wasn't always a fairytale.  problems arose in the royal family, and on august 28, 1996 the divorce for princess diana and prince charles was finalized.

on august 21, 1997 tragedy struck and the world was shaken by the unexpected and sudden death of princess diana.

prince william and kate

baby william.  he was even cute as a toddler
little kate.
every teen girl's dream in the 90s
the princess as a teen.
william and kate met in 2001 at the university of st. andrews and began dating in 2002.

william and kate early in their relationship
 in october of 2010 the famous couple finally became engaged.

official engagement photo
and on april 29, 2011 the world watched as kate middleton walked down the aisle at westminster abby to marry her prince.
an estimated 300 million watched the royal wedding, myself included.
i was up at 5 am with a mimosa in hand :)

and on december 3, 2012 the long awaited announcement was made that the royal couple was expecting their first child.

so now the world anxiously awaits the arrival of the royal baby.
what will it be?  what will the name be?
these are the questions that are on everybody's mind.

so until then, my prayers go out to them as they prepare to bring their miracle into the world.

happy thursday!!


  1. Aww what a cute Throwback Thursday!! :) Princess Diana & Kate are both just so gorgeous!

  2. i just love your posts! i hope they have a little baby girl. she would be the cutest!

  3. Thanks for hosting this. I just found you guys, and all the blogs are awesome! I admit I do have a fascination with the Royal Family. I am not quite sure why, but definitely do. Added you to my follow list. Can't wait to see what you put out next.

  4. I took the day off for the wedding and set my alarm super early to watch every last second of coverage. I'm so excited for the baby!

  5. I used to have the biggest crush on Prince William then moved on to Harry. I really thought I had a chance with both of them.

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