Wednesday, July 24, 2013

wednesdays with zoe // baby fever

guess who?? yup it's me, zoe here.  it's time for another edition of wednesdays with zoe.
first off, my mom wants to apologize for her absence this week.  she's been one busy lady.  i'm surprised she even has time to walk and feed me...

so anyway it's been another crazy week in the world, and i'm here to tell you all about it.

what's on everybody's mind this week?  well the royal baby of course.
are you tired of hearing about it yet?  my mom is obsessed with the royal family.  it's pretty bad.
a few years ago she made me get up at 5 am with her and watch will and kate get hitched.  crazy woman!!

so anyway let me introduce you to His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge.
(i feel bad for this kid in kindergarten)

isn't he a cutie?  look at that wittle face.
yup if you missed all the fuss (and if you did you live under the biggest rock in the universe)
i'll tell ya all the details.
kate went into labor early monday morning, and then the wait was on.  every eye was on the hospital door as we awaited to hear the news of the new prince.
and at 4:24 pm the little prince was born.


speaking of babies
another baby was born on monday (not of royalty)

penelope cruz welcomed her 2nd baby, a little girl, into the world. 

another baby boom anyone?


in other news... amanda bynes had another mental breakdown again.  is anyone else shocked?

apparently this girl is playing with fire (literally).  on monday night it was reported that a man found bynes in a driveway with her pants on fire.
eventually bynes was detained and thankfully  nobody was hurt.

so beyonce's got a new fan... actual fan.  that apparently wants her hair.
at her montreal concert, the "jealous" fan, sucked in beyonce's hair and wouldn't let go.
talk about a bad day!


well that's all i have for you this week guys.
see ya next hump day!


  1. Im glad im not the only one who now has baby fever!! is it bad that i think that he fan eating beyonce hair is funny....oops!

  2. Hahaha I love that Beyonce's hair got sucked in a fan in Montreal.. a city right next to mine!

    Bynes lit her pants on fire? I heard she lit a garbage can on fire in someone's driveway. Either way, that girl be cray cray.



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