Wednesday, July 17, 2013

wednesdays with zoe

  happy wednesday everybody!  zoe here! it's time for another edition of wednesdays with zoe!

where i give you all the scoop of what's going on in the world.
it's been a crazy week you guys....


  first up on the list we have the zimmerman trial.  and no i'm not gonna give you my opinion on it, if you've been watching the news you know what happened.
but i am gonna show you what i paid attention to the most:

did anyone else notice the shocking resemblance of judge debra nelson to chris farley?
because i sure did.

moving on

so did you know that if you follow pope francis on twitter you could cut your time in purgatory in half?!?
wait what?

yup, that's right folks.  if you wanna get to heaven any faster, all you gotta do is tweet the pope. 


so anyway, adam levine is engaged.

courtesy of eonline
sorry ladies.
my mom's pretty upset over this one.
the lucky lady?
miss behati prinsloo, who makes a living being a victoria's secret model.


so let's see what's next on the list this week.

if you didn't get enough of teen mom and teen mom 2, here's your chance to get another taste of the drama.

meet the girls from teen mom 3

mtv announced yesterday that it will be premiering teen mom 3 august 26th.
i know you're all excited about that news.


and last but not least...
there was some sad news in hollywood this week.

cory monteith of glee passed away.
our condolences go out to his friends and family for this tragic loss.  may he rest in peace.


well guys that's it for this week's edition wednesdays with zoe.
tune in next week for more hollywood gossip.


  1. Zoe, you're so savvy when it comes to Celeb news! And you're cute! :D

  2. Ohhh teen mom 3. Drama drama drama.

  3. Let me just get this stright here. The pope has a twitter? What the..?!


  5. LOL!!!! On the judge!!! :) My guilty pleasure is Teen Mom on a marathon :P

  6. hahahaha i love this post. that is all.



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