Tuesday, August 6, 2013

10 reasons you know you're officially a blogger

1. you spend most of your day emailing your blog bffs about blog drama.

2. you know what GOMI is, and you've been mentioned on there a couple of times.

3. you continuously refresh your blogger homepage to see if you have any new followers.

4. you've officially changed your twitter and instagram name to your blog name.

5. scheduling blog posts is a part of your nightly routine.

6. you've caught yourself telling others about the new linky party whats her face has started and they look at you like wtf are you talking about?!?

7. you always have a backup ecard or pretty quote on hand in case writers block strikes.

8. you have 2 or 3 photo editing apps on your iphone.

9. gfc, bloglovin, ad swaps, blog buttons, and giveaways are tops words in your daily vocab.

10. the majority of people you follow on twitter are celebs, the bachelor or bachelorette and bloggers...


  1. hahaha!! :) I love this -- I think for me one way I know I'm a blogger is all of the pictures I take. "Oh don't eat that yet!! I need it for WIAW!!!" :P

    Kalee @ SoreyFitness.com

  2. I'm with Kalee.. its all about pictures and what did I wear in the last post? Even my husband is weird about wearing the same thing now!

  3. It's so true! My friend (a blogger) and I were discussing it at work and everyone looks at us like we're crazy when we throw around our blog vocab!

  4. Hahahahahaha I am slowly morphing into this! hilarious and so true. great post.

  5. Spot on! And that's from your newest fan! #4 truly makes me laugh!



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