Thursday, August 15, 2013

all about me

i was tagged by the fabulous karly today in her 5 things about me post.  i always enjoy getting to tell my readers more about me.  no i'm not saying i like talking about myself... come on i'm not that conceded, i just want my readers to now more about the girl behind the blog.  so here you go... a little bit about me :)

Five things I have a passion for 1.  sleeping 2.  anything pink 3.  blogging 4.  my husband 5.  happiness
Five things I'd like to do before I die 1.  visit all 50 states (i've been to 43) 2.  tour italy and greece 3.  travel the country by motor home 4.  see mount everest 5.  stick my toes in the pacific ocean
Five reads I love 1.  the bible 2.  the something borrowed series 3.  fifty shades of grey 4.  cosmopolitan  5.  any juicy gossip magazine :)
Five favorite movies
1.  armageddon
2.  dirty dancing
3.  pretty woman
4.  life as we know it
5.  the hangover (never gets old)

Fives places I'd want to travel to
1.  italy
2.  bali
3.  greece
4.  alaska
5.  california

Five blog friends I tag
pamela @ pamela's place
have fun ladies ;-)


  1. I love get to know you posts. Its always nice when you see a blogger has something in common with you :) I love Dirty Dancing and I want to visit all those places you mentioned!

  2. I love this post! I know that I would love to visit Bali and Greece!



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