Friday, August 16, 2013

how to make your own chevron pattern in photoshop

you have no idea how happy i was to finally find out how to do this.  i found this amazing tutorial from brittany makes and it's actually pretty simple.  so i decided to give it a try!  i was a little embarrassed that i didn't figure it out sooner.

*all pictures are my own.  i created this pattern in my own photoshop software.  but all credit goes to brittany makes*

follow this step by step tutorial below to find out how to create your own :)

how to make your own chevron

*in order to do this you will need to have photoshop installed.  you can click here to download a free trial of the software.*

 step 1: open up adobe photoshop (i use adobe photoshop elements 10)
go to file > new > blank file

when the create file box comes up name it chevron pattern (or whatever you want)  and set your dimensions (i set mine to 1000 x 1000 pixels to give me a big enough file to work with).  make sure the background is set to transparent and click ok. 

step 2:  go up to view and make sure there is a check mark beside grid.
so now you have your grid showing which will make it easier to place your pattern.

now you're ready to create your pattern.

step 3: in your side tool bar click on the custom shape tool (the blue heart)

at the top of your screen you will see the shape menu.  click on the drop down arrow and select arrow number 2.

step 4: once you've selected your shape, start at the top of your grid and draw your arrow so that it covers a 4 x 4 area.  (you can do it larger if you like)

step 5: now that you have your pattern started, go to image > rotate > 90* left

once you do this your shape will be rotated, but near the bottom.  you can move it by clicking on the move tool (top tool in your sidebar) and moving it back to the top.

so now your shape should look like this:

 step 6: go to layer > duplicate layer and then click on the move tool to move the duplicate over.  once you have a full row of your shape go to layer > merge visible to make your patten once single layer.

step 7: now to duplicate your new layer, go to layer > duplicate layer to duplicate the pattern.  do this over and over until you fill up the page.

 so now you should have a document that looks like this:

step 8: go to layers > merge visible.  now you have one full layer of your pattern.

if you want to change the colors just use the paint bucket to fill in the pattern.

once you have the desired colors you choose, go to view and un-check grid.
and ta da!  you've got your new chevron pattern!

enjoy :)


  1. Ahh, photoshop! Wish I had it!

  2. YES!! fabulous tutorial!!!!!!!!! i dont have photoshop, wahhh

  3. Thanks for these great directions! Super easy to follow. I love Chevron!

  4. Thank you for this! My best friend's baby shower invites are now officially awesome!

  5. Thank you!! I just used this and it was great.

  6. I have photoshop CS6 and I can't seem to find that arrow..? I believe you're using Photoshop elements correct?

  7. WoW! Really cool. By the by, Is that photoshop??? I never seen this kind of interface of PHotoshop. Which version that is??? Seems Good. Thanks for share this cool pattern creating technique.

  8. Thank you for sharing! Who would have thought it could be that easy!?!

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