Tuesday, August 13, 2013

sponsor love // meet hannah

today you get to meet one of my newest sponsors!  i always love these posts, because i love getting to know the girls behind the blogs.
so meet this sweet girl!

hannah blogs over at words as palindromes.
she is a colege student from minnesota studying speech-language pathology.
she's obsessed with grey's anatomy and shopping (especially at target, a girl after my own heart).
so hop on over to hannah's blog and say hi!


If I could eat a bagel, frozen yogurt, and drink coffee and margaritas all day every day, then I would be a very happy person.  Because seriously, they are absolutely wonderful!  Nothing can get better than a hot cup of coffee and a warm toasted garlic bagel with sun dried tomato basil cream cheese for breakfast, an afternoon snack of pomegrante & sweet tart FROYO with strawberries, kiwi, and bobas, and then ending the day with after 9PM $2.99 Mega margaritas!  
I love bagels so much that there was even a time where I made my own bagels from scratch! I was very proud of myself especially because...
   1. I am a college student, somedays we don't even have time to sleep let alone eat!
   2. I have never made anything legitly from scratch, maybe something here or there, but nothing this big!
   3. No one that I know of had made bagels before I did.  That felt like an accomplishment.

But that is kind of besides the point...I don't really even know why I am talking about food...well, probably because I am starving, but it is quite a long ways downstairs to the fridge, so I will just wait until I actually have a reason to move from my bed under my cozy Ecuador blanket watching Gossip Girl on Netflix.  

Today I am going to tell you a story.  It's kind of comical and strange and one of my favorite memories at the same time.  Last summer I studied abroad in Ecuador for 6 weeks and only spoke Spanish (that's right, no English!) while I was there.  I visited places such as the Equator (yes, I stood in both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere's at the same time and you really can balance an egg on a nail on the Equator) horseback riding in the Andes Mountains, huge churches, the beach, museums, hikes around volcanoes, and more. 

I also spent a week in the Amazon Rainforest.  That was an experience in itself.  One of the places I stayed there was no electricity.  And the chickens walking around the place were butchered for our dinner...  Our bunks had mosquito nets around them and there were snakes, tarantulas, and sometimes even monkeys just chilling out.  The second place I stayed at had a limited use of water, especially because I went with a group of 17 people.  

I had 4 hours of spanish class in the morning and then in the afternoon excursions out and about in the Amazon Rainforest.  After one particular excursion we had been climbing up waterfalls, through caves, and in and out of mud pits.  Needless to say all I wanted to do after was shower.  I get back to my cabin  get ready to jump in the shower and there was no water.  There was no water anywhere on the grounds.  The whole group was very irritated.  We just wanted to be clean.  But then God must have heard our prayers as it started raining!  The whole group put on their swimming suits, brought their shampoo, conditioner, razors, and body wash outside and we showered in the rain and rinsed off in a tributary to the Amazon River.
 It was one of the most random things that happened on the trip, but one of my favorite memories.  We didn't end up super clean, but clean enough for living in the rainforest.  Later that afternoon, the water turned back on and we were able to shower normally. :)  Ahh, the life of traveling to beautiful places, isn't always as glamourous as it seems, but boy is it worth it!


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