Thursday, August 22, 2013

sponsorships... HELP

so it's no secret anymore that passionfruit is going to start charging come september.  i'm not the happiest about that either.  i love the convenience of it, and the fact that it basically takes care of everything for you.  and honestly when i signed up a few months ago, i should have known that it was almost too good to be true.

i sell a few ads a month, but not enough to pay $9!!  i've researched and researched, and i can't seem to find another option out there.  so my question to all my blogger ladies out there is, what are you going to do come september?


  1. There is a site called AdProval, but I had a ton of trouble with them. Other bloggers seem to like them just fine.

    However...I'm giving away 5 one year memberships to PassionFruit on my blog right now! :)

  2. I'm going to just do it all manually and keep track of the ad schedual on my phone. A lot of bloggers do it that way and not only do they get the full amount to their Paypal they have more control. I am sad because passion fruit was so convenient but oh well it's not worth it to me either.

  3. I haven't heard anything bad about Adproval at this point! I'm going to give them a try within the next couple of weeks. I don't want to pay $9/month for Passionfruit. I don't sell enough ads!

  4. I just self-manage my ads and my hubby has an awesome free printable that helps keep everything in order! :) Here's the link:


  5. I just switched to adproval. I did a post on it today so make sure you check that out.



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