Wednesday, August 7, 2013

wednesdays with zoe //

yo dogs and dogettes!  zoe here.  did you miss me?  i'm sure you did.
well it's officially hump day, and we're one day closer to the weekend.  i get to hang out with dad all weekend because my mom is gonna go party it up in a place she calls atl.

guys we've got a juicy edition of wednesdays with zoe today.

let's get this party started shall we?

i'm sure everybody and their mom watched the bachelorette season finale on monday night.  well if you missed it, i'll go ahead and give you the news.  she chose chris.  but what's on everyone's mind??  is she really in love with the guy?
guess we'll find out in a few months.  i'd say if we don't see "they've split" headlines, they're probably gonna be ok.

which leads me to my next news:

jaun pablo is the next bachelor!
women all over the world are now lining up to be on the next season.
i mean come on, this guys got it going on.  even his name is fun to say.

next on the list we have the manning brothers:
yup it's true.  if you don't believe me check out their video:

they've teamed up with direct tv to promote nfl sunday ticket.
now you can thank me for having "football on your phone" in your head all day.

next on the list we've got megan fox...

she's preggers again!  her and her hubster are expecting another bundle of joy!
that was quick.

well that's all i have for today.  be sure to check back next week for more juicy gossip.



  1. i basically had no idea about any of this so this was very helpful for me to update my life! haha

  2. I think I am the only blogger that doesn't watch the bachelorette I see it on everyone's posts. Maybe I need to convert ;)

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  3. I think I'm the only person who didn't watch the Bachelorette.

    Football players doing rap? Say what?

  4. woah juan pablo! i might get interested in the bachelor again!

  5. I am glad she chose Chris and hope it works out. He was my favorite from the beginning (even if I did get sick of all the poetry.) Something about the way he looks at her reminds me of how my guy looks at me.

    I do like Juan Pablo, but also a little sad Zak W isn't going to be the bachelor. I really like him.



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