Wednesday, August 14, 2013

wednesdays with zoe

what day is it?!?  hey what day is it?!?  HUMP DAYYYY!  whoop whoooooop!

and it's also time for another edition of wednesdays with zoe!


hey guys zoe here.  so first of all, let me just tell you a little bit about my brother tucker.  i don't think i've talked about him on here yet.  well he's a little bit of an air head.  last night he tried to be sneaky by playing with mom's panties, and got them stuck on his collar.  BUSTED!

so he was walking around all night with panties stuck to him and didn't even know it.  sheesh!
so now that you got a good laugh out of that, let's move on to some celeb gossip.

first on our list this week...

can't you just hear it now?  the sound of squealing teenage girls everywhere.
it's true, tmz got a hold of some photos of the young super star with nothing on but a guitar back in november of 2012 at his grandmother's house in toronto.  i have two questions... 1: why does he look so unbelievably comfortable standing in front of his grandmother with his ass showing and 2: who the hell-o is taking those pictures?

moving on...

because she wasn't already scary enough with her bright orange face?
do yourselves a favor and watch the music video.

really?!? i just can't!  i have no words.

let's move on

i saw it and couldn't believe my eyes.  i mean don't get me wrong.  i've seen pics of my mom wearing purple lipstick back in her middle school days, but really? green and red hair?  she posted this to twitter the other day, and seemed to be shocked herself.  she was 9...

and last but not least...

the first season of teen mom 3 hasn't even started yet, and mackenzie douthit is already pregnant again... and married.
slow down there sister.  you're only 18!

so anyway there you have it.  another juicy edition of wednesdays with zoe.

stay classy my friends


  1. HAHA! I couldn't imagine being pregnant & married by 18, ha!

  2. Tan mom released a music video? OMGSH! I can't believe JB is comfortable being that close to his grandmother naked! How disgusting is that!

  3. I love this. I would be so lost on celebrity gossip if it wasn't for these posts.

    Justin.. just.. no.

  4. holy smokes about that tan mom video. its a complete train wreck. and we wonder why this world is so messed up

  5. I can't believe that I am admitting this but our dog does the same thing with my panties. I don't get it. He only grabs mine, and no one elses.
    jessa @ Life of A Sports Wife

  6. the tan mom video. what the???? what is this life???

  7. Haha! This is HUMP DAYYYY! whoop whoooooop! lo :D

    Your post's are really interesting and funny :) Love to read your posts.



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