Thursday, September 26, 2013

throwback thursday // this girl should not be in charge of link ups

yup it's true!  guess what i did this morning??   left my picture sitting right there on my kitchen counter lol. 
so i'm going to have to post mine when i get home tonight.  
but until then i'll leave you with this.

we'll call this my freshman year of college photo...

you've probably seen it before, and honestly i should probably just burn it, but it's just too funny!
i mean first i'm double fisting a bud light and a smirnoff (mistake number 1)
and i'm wearing a belly shirt (mistake number 2)
and that belt?!? (mistake number 3)

oh and not to mention this photo was taken at a high school prom photo (i was in college)  yes i was that girl.

so anyway check back later for another hilarious photo.
oh and make sure to link up below.  i need some good laughs today :)

Sweet Southern Wife

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

cancun on my mind

sorry guys, i won't have much for you this week.  i'm trying to get everything in order at work before i head out of the country on monday :)

but just to let y'all know.  throwback thursday is back this week!  so make sure you check out mine and lauren's blog on thursday.
this week's theme is your best school portrait.
and by best we mean your worst...
i can't wait to see what y'all come up with!

Friday, September 20, 2013

on blogging

when i started my little blog a few years ago, i had no idea it would ever get this big.  ok so 311 followers is not really that big right?  according to some bloggers out there it's not.  for a long time i wanted to be one of those "bigger" bloggers, one of those bloggers who had a couple of thousand followers.  well i've finally come to realize that i'm probably never going to be one of those bloggers.  and for the first time since i started my blog, i'm ok with that.
some of you may have noticed that i've had fewer posts that i usually do.  i'm not blogging as much and my twitter account seems to be non existent.  see i realized something a few months back.  i was focusing way too much of my time on my blog.  which to some people isn't a bad thing, however when you're blogging all the time, have a full time job and blogging isn't bringing in that much money, it's time to step back a bit.
i've lost a few followers in the past couple of weeks, probably because of my lack of blog posts, and i can remember when that used to really bother me.  well honestly it hasn't even phased me.
i want readers who actually read my posts.  i have a few followers who really take the time to read my blog and leave sweet comments.  there isn't alot of them, but i'm ok with that.  i would rather have a few really good and loyal blogger buddies than 300 followers who just follow me back because i followed them.
you may remember a few months ago when i shared a touching story about a baby girl named finley.  finley was fighting for her life, and passed away a few weeks after she was born.  click on the link above to read her story.
this is what really changed my mind about blogging.  i emailed a few other bloggers about finley's story, and i got an overwhelming response from them.  i was thrilled.  many other bloggers shared finley's story.  at that moment i realized that blogging wasn't about trying to get more followers.  it was a way for other bloggers to come together to support one another.
i received an email a few weeks back from tim oblander (finley's father)  he wanted to thank me for sharing finley's story.  their facebook page for finley reached over 40,000 views at one point, and they were puzzled as to how in the world that many people knew about her story.  thanks to all of the bloggers i emailed, and all of the tweets and posts, finley's story was able to reach that many people.  his email to me really touched my heart, and made me realize that my view on blogging had changed.
i was no longer worried about the number of page-views or followers i had, but how many people actually read my blog, and how many of those care about what i post.  all of those bloggers sharing finley's story meant so much to me.  it meant more to me than receiving a comment from one of those girls we like to think as blogger celebs...  and right then and there, my view on blogging changed.
so from now on you may notice that my blog might go a few days without a post.  or my twitter account will be a little boring.  and if i lose followers because of that, it's ok with me.  i'm just thankful for the wonderful connections that i have made through blogging, and the wonderful women who i have never met, yet i feel so close to.  that's what blogging is all about.
love you all!!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

rain, rain and more rain :(

gross!  this does not look good at all :(
everyone please say a prayer that all of this nastyness over cancun is gone by september 30th!!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

2 years of marriage

today is my 2 year wedding anniversary.  wow i can't believe i just said that!  2 years has gone by so fast.  i remember it like it was yesterday.  the emotions i felt were so intense.  i was nervous, excited, blessed, and feeling so in love with my soon to be husband.
the past couple of years have been filled with so many ups and downs.  we've made it through some very tough times, and we've also made it through some amazing times!  my husband is my best friend.  he's there for me when i need a shoulder to cry on, and we have so much fun together.  i consider myself to be one of the luckiest girls in the world.  
so here's to my husband.  one of the hardest working and best looking man i know :)
here's to many more years of happiness!


Monday, September 16, 2013

it's a monday

happy monday loves!  i hope yours has been a little better than mine.  let's just say it's a monday.  that is all.
anyway we had a pretty relaxing weekend.  didn't really do much.  hung out with the hubby, took a trip to the casino, and then had fun with the nieces :)

the only thing getting me through this day is knowing that my 2 year wedding anniversary is tomorrow, and 2 weeks from today i'll be in beautiful cancun!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

does your blog need a facelift?

let me know!  because i would love to help you with a new blog design.
check out my new blog design website!

take a look at some of my recent work!
and while you're at it stop by their blogs and say hi :)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

wednesdays with zoe

hey long lost friends.  zoe here.  i missed all you beautiful people.  it's all my mom's fault.  she's been super busy and hasn't had time to even think, or write on her blog.

so anyway it's been quite an exciting few weeks.  we've seen it all folks.  i mean seriously, we've seen all there is to see with miley cyrus.  i know she says she can't stop, but she definitely needs to stop.

ok moving on, because that's old news.  sorry i just had to bring it up.

so on to this week's gossip.
first up on the list we have miley...
wait, what?!?  oh you thought she was old news huh?  haha think again.

she's back in all her weirdness.  
first she's twerkin and now she's swinging naked on a ball...
her new video wrecking ball premiered on monday, and received over 19 million views in just 24 hours.
if you wanna add to that 19 million views, feel free to watch it below...

next up on our list 

remember this video that went viral?  the girl twerkin (here we go with that word again) upside down and then catching herself on fire.

well guess what... drum roll please.  it was fake!
jimmy kimmel said that he had scored an interview with the famous fire twerker, and on his show the other night revealed that the viral viedo was a hoax.  well played jimmy, well played.

well guess what ladies.  they've found christian grey.
that's right, say hello to christian grey and miss steele.

charlie hunnum and dakota johnson will star in one of the most awaited movies of the year.  the film is scheduled to premier in august of 2014.  i wonder if my mom can sneak me into the theatre??

so anyway there you have it.  not too much on the list this week, maybe next week will be a little juicier.  and who knows what miley and her foam finger will be up to next week.

happy hump day

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

birthdays and college towns

happy tuesday loves! i know i'm a day late with my weekend update.  i'm trying to figure out how to balance blogging and working a full time job.  it's hard work!

anyway so we had quite an eventful weekend.  we celebrated my husband's birthday again (we celebrate birth months not just birthdays lol)

thursday was L.T.'s actual birthday so we went to dinner with his family and then out to the only bar in town for a few hours.

 1. me an my adorable nieces, addyson, harmony and london
2. the birthday boy and london
3. sweet london grace
4. birthday celebrations

as you can tell we have the most adorable nieces ever :)

anyway friday night we just hung out at the house and actually went to bed early.  shocker right?!?
saturday we had a yard sale that morning, and that night we decided to brave it and venture to athens, ga during one of the busiest football game days of the year.
we actually didn't go to the game, but went to a concert instead.
i have never seen so many college fans in one place at the same time.  it was crazy!  and the fact that ga won made it even worse!

 1. hubby and i at the butch walker concert
2. i've decided i like wearing glasses lately.  and the fact that i can see out of them makes it even better.
3. addyson and zoe playing in her pack n play.  most adorable thing ever!

and guess what?  wednesdays with zoe will be back tomorrow!  i know, i know... you can't control your excitement :)

Friday, September 6, 2013

feeling distant

i've been feeling quite a bit of conviction lately.  and honestly i think it's because this is the most distant i have felt from God in a long time.  i've been trying to focus on just being myself and doing things that make me happy, and last night i realized that i haven't read my bible in months, or just taken the time to talk to God one on one.  i've been focusing so much on myself and my happiness that i've failed to focus on what is the most important, and that's my relationship with God.
i've been so happy lately and so content with life, and the fact that i've let my relationship with God slip hasn't even crossed my mind until just now and that bothers me.
why do i let such an important relationship slip through the cracks so easily?  if i felt distant from my husband, or a close friend i would do everything in my power to get that closeness back.  so why don't i do this with God?  why is it so hard for me to keep that relationship so secure?
so this weekend i am going to take some time to focus on my most important relationship.  i'm going to dust off my bible and open it up and just start reading.  i'm going to sit down and just have a conversation with God.  i'm going to talk to him like i would my husband or my close friend.
i'm going to strengthen my relationship with my maker.  and what makes me feel a little better, is the fact that i can feel as distant as i've ever felt, but i know God is always there with open arms ready to let me back in.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

a much needed long weekend

so you're probably wondering where the hell i've been in the past week.  well don't worry i haven't gone too far.  i've just been a little busy.  trying to update the blog, catch up on some work things, and get ready for my mexico trip (only 27 more days left) yay!

so anyway i can't tell you enough how much i needed this long weekend.  i got some much needed rest, and played catch up with some long lost friends.  overall it was a fantastic weekend.

our bff kellie came into town so friday we celebrated the hubby's birthday with a cookout and some amazing cake.
 saturday we hung out on the back patio and had a few drinks while we soaked up some sun, and that night we headed to another cookout and then to the bar with some friends.  this girl had way too many shots...
later that night we celebrated the hubby's birthday again with more drinks and a hot tub party.
and sunday we decided to head down to the outlets for some shopping for our upcoming cancun trip.
so yes it was a pretty packed weekend, but much needed.  and now only 27 days left until our cancun vacay.  not that i'm counting or anything :)
happy tuesday loves!

Sami's Shenanigans


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