Tuesday, September 3, 2013

a much needed long weekend

so you're probably wondering where the hell i've been in the past week.  well don't worry i haven't gone too far.  i've just been a little busy.  trying to update the blog, catch up on some work things, and get ready for my mexico trip (only 27 more days left) yay!

so anyway i can't tell you enough how much i needed this long weekend.  i got some much needed rest, and played catch up with some long lost friends.  overall it was a fantastic weekend.

our bff kellie came into town so friday we celebrated the hubby's birthday with a cookout and some amazing cake.
 saturday we hung out on the back patio and had a few drinks while we soaked up some sun, and that night we headed to another cookout and then to the bar with some friends.  this girl had way too many shots...
later that night we celebrated the hubby's birthday again with more drinks and a hot tub party.
and sunday we decided to head down to the outlets for some shopping for our upcoming cancun trip.
so yes it was a pretty packed weekend, but much needed.  and now only 27 days left until our cancun vacay.  not that i'm counting or anything :)
happy tuesday loves!

Sami's Shenanigans


  1. I need that chevron top in my life! And yay for birthdays, cake, and cookouts :)

  2. Love the chevron top!! Sounds & looks like a great weekend!!! :)

  3. So I was gonna comment on how cute your pink chevron tunic is but I guess everyone else thought the same thing! So jealous about mexico. I'll be nearby though in Arizona getting married!

  4. What a fun weekend! Happy birthday to your hubs. :)

  5. You are too cute!! Yay for your upcoming vacation :)



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