Tuesday, September 10, 2013

birthdays and college towns

happy tuesday loves! i know i'm a day late with my weekend update.  i'm trying to figure out how to balance blogging and working a full time job.  it's hard work!

anyway so we had quite an eventful weekend.  we celebrated my husband's birthday again (we celebrate birth months not just birthdays lol)

thursday was L.T.'s actual birthday so we went to dinner with his family and then out to the only bar in town for a few hours.

 1. me an my adorable nieces, addyson, harmony and london
2. the birthday boy and london
3. sweet london grace
4. birthday celebrations

as you can tell we have the most adorable nieces ever :)

anyway friday night we just hung out at the house and actually went to bed early.  shocker right?!?
saturday we had a yard sale that morning, and that night we decided to brave it and venture to athens, ga during one of the busiest football game days of the year.
we actually didn't go to the game, but went to a concert instead.
i have never seen so many college fans in one place at the same time.  it was crazy!  and the fact that ga won made it even worse!

 1. hubby and i at the butch walker concert
2. i've decided i like wearing glasses lately.  and the fact that i can see out of them makes it even better.
3. addyson and zoe playing in her pack n play.  most adorable thing ever!

and guess what?  wednesdays with zoe will be back tomorrow!  i know, i know... you can't control your excitement :)



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