Friday, September 20, 2013

on blogging

when i started my little blog a few years ago, i had no idea it would ever get this big.  ok so 311 followers is not really that big right?  according to some bloggers out there it's not.  for a long time i wanted to be one of those "bigger" bloggers, one of those bloggers who had a couple of thousand followers.  well i've finally come to realize that i'm probably never going to be one of those bloggers.  and for the first time since i started my blog, i'm ok with that.
some of you may have noticed that i've had fewer posts that i usually do.  i'm not blogging as much and my twitter account seems to be non existent.  see i realized something a few months back.  i was focusing way too much of my time on my blog.  which to some people isn't a bad thing, however when you're blogging all the time, have a full time job and blogging isn't bringing in that much money, it's time to step back a bit.
i've lost a few followers in the past couple of weeks, probably because of my lack of blog posts, and i can remember when that used to really bother me.  well honestly it hasn't even phased me.
i want readers who actually read my posts.  i have a few followers who really take the time to read my blog and leave sweet comments.  there isn't alot of them, but i'm ok with that.  i would rather have a few really good and loyal blogger buddies than 300 followers who just follow me back because i followed them.
you may remember a few months ago when i shared a touching story about a baby girl named finley.  finley was fighting for her life, and passed away a few weeks after she was born.  click on the link above to read her story.
this is what really changed my mind about blogging.  i emailed a few other bloggers about finley's story, and i got an overwhelming response from them.  i was thrilled.  many other bloggers shared finley's story.  at that moment i realized that blogging wasn't about trying to get more followers.  it was a way for other bloggers to come together to support one another.
i received an email a few weeks back from tim oblander (finley's father)  he wanted to thank me for sharing finley's story.  their facebook page for finley reached over 40,000 views at one point, and they were puzzled as to how in the world that many people knew about her story.  thanks to all of the bloggers i emailed, and all of the tweets and posts, finley's story was able to reach that many people.  his email to me really touched my heart, and made me realize that my view on blogging had changed.
i was no longer worried about the number of page-views or followers i had, but how many people actually read my blog, and how many of those care about what i post.  all of those bloggers sharing finley's story meant so much to me.  it meant more to me than receiving a comment from one of those girls we like to think as blogger celebs...  and right then and there, my view on blogging changed.
so from now on you may notice that my blog might go a few days without a post.  or my twitter account will be a little boring.  and if i lose followers because of that, it's ok with me.  i'm just thankful for the wonderful connections that i have made through blogging, and the wonderful women who i have never met, yet i feel so close to.  that's what blogging is all about.
love you all!!


  1. Awww bless it how sweet of him!!!! No matter how many posts you may or not post, I'm here for ya! :)

  2. You're so right! It's sad how a lot of bloggers only care about the number of followers, which ends up turning their blog into nothing but giveaways and no real posts.

    It's so great that you were able to share Finley's story and garner so much attention!

  3. Keep blogging because I'm obsessed with you!

  4. Thanks for sharing this post...I think its important to realize what you're blogging for and to remember to not be so concerned with how many followers you have (I know I need to remember this a lot). I just hope you keep blogging cause you are one of the blogs I look forward to the most!

  5. I struggled with this as well but I am very happy with the people that have continued to follow and comment and Ive given up on wishing for a bigger following

  6. I am so happy you wrote this and that you have gotten to that place of peace with your blog. I often tell girls that if I could do anything, I would go back to just having 200 followers. They laugh and think I am joking, but it really is how I feel. My blog grew very quickly and I love all the girls who I have made relationships with....but it took me a long time to realize what you wrote in this post and I was very unhappy with my blog for a long time.

    That is so neat that Tim emailed you. I was so happy that I could share in getting his daughter's story out. There were so many people (and still are!) praying for their family and it was cool to see how we used our blogging platform to reach others (:


  7. New to your blog and loved this post. The other day when I was talking to my beautiful 15 year old daughter who was upset about some friend issues I lovingly reminder her that it is never about the quantity of friends one has but the quality. I would rather have one solid true friend than a 100 not so great friends. My daughter hugged me, thanked me for the reminder and told me later that week that my advice had helped her through the week.
    I believe the same advice rings true with blogging.
    Great post. Keep blogging for YOU and embrace the day.
    Many Blessings ~ T

  8. This was such a great post J! I love it!



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