Thursday, September 26, 2013

throwback thursday // this girl should not be in charge of link ups

yup it's true!  guess what i did this morning??   left my picture sitting right there on my kitchen counter lol. 
so i'm going to have to post mine when i get home tonight.  
but until then i'll leave you with this.

we'll call this my freshman year of college photo...

you've probably seen it before, and honestly i should probably just burn it, but it's just too funny!
i mean first i'm double fisting a bud light and a smirnoff (mistake number 1)
and i'm wearing a belly shirt (mistake number 2)
and that belt?!? (mistake number 3)

oh and not to mention this photo was taken at a high school prom photo (i was in college)  yes i was that girl.

so anyway check back later for another hilarious photo.
oh and make sure to link up below.  i need some good laughs today :)

Sweet Southern Wife


  1. Oh freshman year! Been there girl! I should probably burn most of my pictures from thg time also! Haha!

  2. TOO funny!! Love it!! SHEW I can not even look at a Smirnoff now without wanting to puke haha! I drank way too many of those in high school!!

  3. Ugh Smirnoff's were always a bad idea!

  4. Haha...I used to take my dad's ties and use them as a belt...tied like a legit tie. OMG. The things we did in college.

  5. I'm a newbie-- your blog title caught me, and with that college photo, I'm totally in. Still digging your archives, I'd say keep on writing Jen - you're certainly making us smile.



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