Wednesday, September 11, 2013

wednesdays with zoe

hey long lost friends.  zoe here.  i missed all you beautiful people.  it's all my mom's fault.  she's been super busy and hasn't had time to even think, or write on her blog.

so anyway it's been quite an exciting few weeks.  we've seen it all folks.  i mean seriously, we've seen all there is to see with miley cyrus.  i know she says she can't stop, but she definitely needs to stop.

ok moving on, because that's old news.  sorry i just had to bring it up.

so on to this week's gossip.
first up on the list we have miley...
wait, what?!?  oh you thought she was old news huh?  haha think again.

she's back in all her weirdness.  
first she's twerkin and now she's swinging naked on a ball...
her new video wrecking ball premiered on monday, and received over 19 million views in just 24 hours.
if you wanna add to that 19 million views, feel free to watch it below...

next up on our list 

remember this video that went viral?  the girl twerkin (here we go with that word again) upside down and then catching herself on fire.

well guess what... drum roll please.  it was fake!
jimmy kimmel said that he had scored an interview with the famous fire twerker, and on his show the other night revealed that the viral viedo was a hoax.  well played jimmy, well played.

well guess what ladies.  they've found christian grey.
that's right, say hello to christian grey and miss steele.

charlie hunnum and dakota johnson will star in one of the most awaited movies of the year.  the film is scheduled to premier in august of 2014.  i wonder if my mom can sneak me into the theatre??

so anyway there you have it.  not too much on the list this week, maybe next week will be a little juicier.  and who knows what miley and her foam finger will be up to next week.

happy hump day


  1. oh miley..............poor poor poor miley.

  2. Miley needs Jesus. It's quite sad & pathetic ha I want to borrow Zoe! She's so stinkin cute & I think Bentley would like another girlfriend ;)

  3. The video would of been better if Miley didn't have so many shots of her licking that dang sledge hammer! I love the song but I always avoid watching the video because it makes me feel uncomfortable :\

    -B ♡ MsBerryStylish 

  4. Miley has lost her flipping mind. IDK what is going on with her at all.

  5. That twerk video was hilarious, so bummed it was staged!! Couldnt even finish that Miley video...shes so awkward!

  6. Mostly I just want to say that Miley is gross. And my son (age 7, ahem) accidently saw the MTV awards thing and I had to break it to him that that was HANNAH MONTANA. His answer? "um, ew, thats gross." AGREED.



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