Wednesday, October 16, 2013

fall fashion

so i've finally come to the realization that fall is here and i need to just go with the flow.  i feel like summer flew by, and i was not ready for fall, but the past week i've found myself slowly accepting the new season.
the smell of pumpkin pie, and the cool crisp breeze have definitely helped.

another thing that gets me excited for fall is the clothes!  boots and scarves are right up there next to bikinis and mini skirts for me :)
i'd have to say that fall fashion is one of my faves.

check out some of my favorites for this season.


  1. I have been fighting it for awhile. After the drizzly weather this week I have finally broken out my boots to help keep my feet dry!

  2. ahh I want it ALL! Absolutely loooooooooove Fall!!

  3. I swear we must have the same pinterest account cause I'm pretty sure I have pinned all those looks! There's just something about boots, sweaters, and scarves that I am just in love with!

  4. Love your blog redesign!!! Super cute!



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