Tuesday, November 19, 2013

is it too early??

y'all i am patiently waiting to put my tree up.  i usually wait until after thanksgiving, but this year i think i may do it this weekend...  my husband is trying to change my mind, but i'm ignoring him :)
it seems like each year, more and more people are celebrating christmas earlier and earlier.  next year it will probably start in september.  not kidding!  i can remember when i was little we didn't put up our christmas decorations until the 2nd week in december.  now as soon as november hits, i can't help but want to start getting out my decor, and listen to christmas music.  and let's not forget the christmas movies.  this year i started watching home alone in october!  i know i know, it's too early right?  but i can't help it!  i love this time of year.  everyone just seems to be in a better mood.  how many of you already have your tree up?  is it too early for me to put it up this weekend?? please say no :)


  1. love that comic! so cute and oh so true! :)

  2. I was trying to decide if I was going to put my tree up this weekend too. I have been trying to hold off but I'm sad that the time with the tree will be shorter this year due to thanksgiving being so late in the month. I'm not sure if my husband would be on board for starting to decorate already either....but its definitely something I'm thinking about!

  3. I'm wanting to put my stuff up too especially since we're going away for Thanksgiving but Brad refuses. I'm sorta with him. Wait.

  4. you should wait!!! each year my poor thanksgiving decorations. they look so sad knowing that they only get to be out for a few weeks.

  5. It is never too early for Christmas! I haven't put my tree up yet, but I plan to do it this weekend. There is so much work and money in the décor that I want to enjoy it for a solid month! I take it down the day after Christmas. I have been listening to Christmas music pretty much every morning on my way to work this whole month!



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